General Information

BASEBALL REGISTRATION FOR 2017-2018 COMING FALL 2017 - We are currently updating the baseball section. Please do not attempt to register for 2017-2018 baseball. More updates will be available by October 2017.



*** Baseball details are subject to change. Please visit the Meridian School website for up-to-date information or contact the athletic coordinator at ***


Baseball General Information


We are excited to share information for the 2016-2017 baseball season which will begin February.


Meridian has enjoyed a very successful baseball team with significant parental financial support since we opened. This year's Varsity baseball team is open to 8th-12th graders. We are committed to a Meridian Varsity baseball team if a minimum of 12 student athletes commit to play at $350 each by Thursday, January 26th.


The Texas Charter School Academic and Athletic League (TCSAAL) is not yet able to support a Middle School Division in the Austin area for the spring of 2017. Nonetheless, Meridian will offer a Developmental Group for 7th and 8th graders for $125 each. Participation fees for the Developmental Group are due Thursday, January 26th.


Please let us know NOW if you and your student are able to commit to a baseball program with the fees as stated so that we can determine how we will move forward. Payment plans are available upon request.


8th-12th Grade Competitive Baseball Through TSCAAL


Grades Eligible

Registration Deadline

Skills Camp and First Practice

Min. Players

Participation Fees

Season End



January 17

Feb 6


$350 due Jan 26

State - Apr 29


7th-8th Grade - Developmental Group




Registration Deadline

First Practice

Min. Players

Participation Fees



January 17

Feb 7


$125 due Jan 26


Important Dates 

  • Friday, January 13 - confirmation needed of interest in participating by those registered
  • Tuesday, January 17 - registration deadline
  • Thursday, January 26 - participation fees due
  • Tuesday, January 31 - physicals due
  • February 6 - First day of Skills Training for Varsity (9th-12th) / First day of tryouts (8th graders interested in Varsity)
  • February 7 - First practice for Developmental Group
  • Tuesday, February 14 - team/group and athlete photos by Lifetouch Sports
  • April 18-22 - Varsity Regionals games
  • Saturday, April 29 - Varsity State game


How to Register

  • Register online now through Tuesday, January 17th here.
  • Make sure your Meridian School financial account is in good standing to participate. Contact Marsha Sanders at if you are unsure or if you need your invoice to be emailed to you again.
  • Be sure to have a current physical on file with the Meridian Athletics Department by Tuesday, January 31st. The physical must be valid at least through April to start practices, skills training or to try out.

Participation Fees

  • The participation fee for Varsity is $350, and it is due by January 26th. 8th grade students trying out for Varsity must make their commitment to the team by paying their $350 participation fee by January 26th. If they do not make the Varsity team, they may choose to participate in the Developmental Group. In which case, the difference of $225 will be refunded to the parents/guardians. If the 8th grader does not make the Varsity team and chooses not to participate in the Developmental Group, the parents/guardians will be refunded $295. The difference of $55 will go towards field and coaches' fees for the first week of Skills Training, which is also the week of tryouts. Please note that if an 8th grader attends even one day of Skills Training and chooses not to participate further, the maximum refund will be $295.
  • The participation fee for the Developmental Group is $125 and it is due by January 26th.
  • Invoices will be submitted via email (QuickBooks) to everyone registered for baseball by Tuesday, January 17th. If you are registered for baseball and do not receive an invoice from the school by Tuesday, January 17th, please email


Eligibility (3 Requirements)

  1. Physical - For both the Varsity team and the Developmental Group, students must be physically eligible. To be physically eligible, student athletes must have a current, valid physical on file with the Meridian Athletics department that is valid from at least February 6, 2017 through April 29, 2017. Physical forms are available here. They may be returned to any of the three school offices during business hours, or an electronic copy of the completed form can be emailed to (recommended). Physicals forms must be submitted no later than Tuesday, January 31st to maintain eligibility for the first Skills Training, practice or tryout the week of February 6th.
  2. Financial - All participants on either the Varsity baseball team or in the Development Group must be financially eligible to begin participating. This means that participation fees are paid or a payment plan is in place and communicated with the Athletics Department by January 26th. It also requires that the student athlete is in good financial standing with the school (no back athletics participation fees owed.)
  3. Academic - All student athletes participating on the Varsity baseball team must be academically eligible to play games. For more information, please visit the Varsity Baseball page. Please note there will be no refunds for academic ineligibility. There are no academic eligibility requirements for the Developmental Group.


Practices and Game Schedules

  • The baseball season is February through April.
  • The tentative practice and non-league game schedules are now available. Changes are expected based on the addition of league games.
  • We anticipate that most practices will be held at Field 5 in Old Settlers Park and Meridian's Secondary gym during bad weather or during poor field conditions.
  • Varsity team - Practices will be Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays from 4:30-6:00pm at field 5 at Old Settlers Park (weather permitting) and assuming the Varsity team does not have a game that day. Varsity will begin their regular practice schedule on Tuesday, February 21st after the two weeks of Skills Training. (There is no practice on February 20th.)
  • Developmental Group - We are excited to give middle school players an opportunity to participate with their classmates and grow together as a baseball team. The developmental group will serve as a great start for long term Meridian Baseball success. The 7th & 8th graders will practice 2 days per week for 3 hours. Practices are scheduled for Tuesdays and Fridays from 4:30-6:00pm at field 5 at Old Settlers Park (weather permitting) and assuming the Varsity team does not have a game that day. Middle school practices will be designed to develop fundamental hitting, fielding, and base running. This will not only give the middle schoolers an opportunity to grow and strengthen their skills but learn from the Varsity players. The middle school athletes will not physically compete with a high school player in situations such as live batting practice, pitching, or sliding. They will have an opportunity to play practice scrimmages within their developmental group. The Development Group will start practicing Tuesday, February 7th.


Parents/Guardians' Roles

  • Parents are needed to serve in many volunteer roles including fundraising and donations. Participation on the baseball team includes an expectation that parents will commit to serving in these roles throughout the school year.
  • Transportation: Meridian does not provide transportation to games or practices. 7th and 8th graders must be transported to practice and games by a parent or guardian.
  • Parents are encourages to share photos of practices and games with
  • Parents should watch the Athletics Newsletter, emails from their coach and Athletics Department and the Athletics Website for the most up-to-date information.


Participation Fees

Varsity - $350

7th-8th Grade Developmental Group - $125


How Do I Pay?

The Meridian School business office will email an invoice. Payments will be accepted online via the emailed invoice and must be received by January 26th.


Meridian School wants all students to have the opportunity to participate. Financial assistance is available for those who need it. Please contact Robyn Tester at to learn more.



  • All 9th-12th grade Meridian students registered for Varsity baseball are on the team.
  • All 8th grade Meridian students who wish to play on the Varsity team will tryout during the first week of Skills Training (see Skills Training below). Results will be given by the end of training on Friday, February 10th.


Skills Training Information

 February 6-10

  • For all athletes in 8th-12th grade
  • 4:30-6:00pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
  • This week will act as a week of tryouts for 8th graders interested in playing for the Varsity team.

 February 13-17

  • For Varsity players
  • 4:30-6:00pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday


Equipment/Uniform Requirements

Please see your specific team or group page for your equipment and uniform requirements.



*** Baseball details are subject to change. Please visit the Meridian School website for up-to-date information or contact the athletic coordinator at ***