Wellness Education is the blend of physical education and health concepts. The objective of Wellness is to guide all students into being physically active for a lifetime and to understand how to stay healthy by making positive lifestyle choices. Students will be learning about Wellness and using the necessary skills addressed in the TEKS through the IB lens and connecting to the Learner Profile, Key Concepts, and IB Attributes. 
Currently, in both PE A and PE B, students are working on an inquiry into different games from around the world. Our Central Idea is Experiencing games builds appreciation for diverse heritagesIn each class, students will be learning and playing games from cultures around the globe. We hope that experiencing these games will highlight the similarities between children in other parts of the world and how we all love to play games!
Integrated Specials
This year, Specialist teachers will be collaborating with Grade Level teachers and co-teaching lessons in their classrooms. These lessons should be related to the Specialist's class, while also connecting to the current planner in that classroom.  
Coach Griffin is currently working with 5th grade and making a connection to their Central Idea, An uneven distribution of resources requires initiative to maintain balance. We are doing activities that use movement and group cooperation to start students thinking about steps they can take to maintain balance in a variety of everyday situations. 
Coach Taylor will begin the year working with 1st Grade and making Wellness-related connections to their first planner. She will be co-teaching with that team during lessons on Force and Motion and Rights and Responsibilities, relating back to their Central Idea: Citizens Impact Communities. 
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Wellness Day Art