General Model UN Information
Model United Nations is an organization in which students attend conferences which are simulations of United Nations sessions. Students research and practice a great deal for these conferences, where they will be role-playing delegates to the United Nations from countries around the world. These conferences help to sharpen students’ research and debate skills, their ability to network with others, their knowledge of parliamentary procedure, and enable students to see world issues from the differing perspectives of the diverse nations of the world. Students participate in MUN for all of the above reasons, and though there is a lot of work to be prepared, most of us find it to be a lot of fun, too.
MUN Meetings take place on Fridays from 4pm-5pm in the High School Building. 
The club sponsors are:
Kaylene Rudd--High School
Georgina Farres--Middle School
Chris Fancher--Middle School
MUN updates and memos will be posted on our ManageBac club page. Please log in to ManageBac to get all of the latest forms and updates!