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About Meridian Athletics


Meridian Athletics Philosophy


At Meridian School, we believe that students should balance the different aspects of their lives - intellectual, physical, and emotional - to achieve well-being and well-roundedness. Participation in competitive athletics and sports can contribute to this balance. The athletic experience will be provided within a nurturing environment that motivates the student athlete to view athletics and sports as life-long endeavors. Coaches will work with student athletes to aid their understanding of their strengths and weaknesses to enhance their personal development and improve their contribution to the success of the team. Win or lose, Meridian School will encourage student athletes to provide a winning effort, exhibit sportsmanship, enthusiasm, and demonstrate respect for all.


Home Court


Meridian School is a 2-building campus and home to students in K-12. The newest building, the Mays building,  houses our new, regulation gym for competitive Volleyball and High School Basketball.  This gym is often referred to as our Mays gym. Most Middle School Basketball games are held in our "Primary Gym." See directions below.


Directions to Games at Meridian School

Address:  2555 North IH 35, Round Rock 78664

From South: Take IH 35 North. Exit Old Settler's Blvd/FM 3406. Continue through intersection. Turn take a right onto service road (Meridian Lane) immediately after Chevron station. Turn left into Meridian parking lot. Middle building is on the right. Primary building is on left.

From North: Take IH 35 South. Exit Old Settlers Blvd/FM 3406. Make u-turn and take a right onto service road (Meridian Lane) immediately after Chevron station. Turn left into Meridian parking lot. Middle building is on the right. Primary building is on left.

  • Volleyball games in Mays (Secondary) Gym in "Middle" Building (pictured right). Enter through lobby on the west side of the building. (Enter where the building sign reads, "Meridian Middle.")
  • High School Basketball games are also in the Mays (Secondary) Gym (pictured right). Enter through lobby on the west side of the building. (Enter where the building sign reads, "Meridian Middle.")
  • Most Middle School Basketball games are in the Primary Gym in the "Primary" building. Enter through the single door near the outside basketball court in the southeast corner of the Primary building. "Primary" in the case of our gym referrs to the building it is in and not that it is our main gym.




Inaugural HOME GAME Season Special:

Wear Meridian spirit wear or Meridian School uniform for special admission of $1/night.


General admission: 

Adults =$3/night

Children/Students (5-18) = $2/night

Children under 5 = Free

Meridian Staff FREE!

Cash only.


Concessions are also offered at $1 per item. Cash only.


Visiting Schools


Teams and fans of visiting schools should note that no one will be allowed to enter the building for games ─ student athletes, coaching staff, family members or fans ─ before 30 minutes prior to a game's scheduled start time. Additionally, Meridian is a kindergarten-12th grade school with dismissal traffic that begins at 2:30 and does not end until 4:30 (12:30-2:00pm on Wednesdays). It is extremely difficult to access the school grounds during these time periods. Although every effort has been made while scheduling games to avoid requiring visiting schools to enter the campus during this high traffic period, please plan your arrival to Meridian's campus accordingly.


Current Sports Offering


Competitive sports are offered for Meridian students in grades 7-12. Our current sports offering is:

  • Baseball: 9th-12th
  • Basketball: 7th-8th girls; 9th-12th girls; 7th-8th boys; 9th-12th boys
  • Cross Country: 7th-8th grade girls and boys; 9th-12th girls and boys
  • Swimming: 9th-12th girls and boys
  • Tennis: 7th-8th girls and boys; 9th-12th girls and boys
  • Volleyball: 7th-8th; 9th-12th


Meridian School is a member of Texas Charter School Academic and Athletic League (TSCAAL).


Limits on Practices and Games:

The following limits were set by Meridian Administration.



  • Practice - 6 hours per week maximum, 3 days  
  • Games - 2 per week

Junior Varsity

  • Practice - 4.5 hours per week maximum, 3 days  
  • Games - 2 per week

Middle School

  • Practice - 3 hours per week maximum, 2 days  
  • Games - 2 per week


No games during finals week, although a game may be scheduled the evening of the last day of finals. If a game is accepted on the last day of finals, practice may take place the weekend before, but not during the week of finals.


Essentially, the practice/game limits allow five activities a week at the varsity or JV level and four activities a week at the middle school level. For example, if there are three games in one week, practices must be reduced to two for varsity and JV; reduce to one practice for middle school. For weeks that include a tournament, the team should remove a game or a practice during the week as they are essentially getting an ‘extra’ day in and taking time away from available academic time.


Professional Dress for Student Athletes


Please find the Professional Dress Guidelines for student athletes here. Please note this is an option for high school athletes and applies only for days of AWAY games. High school student athletes should wear team jerseys or team T-shirts for days of HOME games. If you have questions about Professional Dress for student athletes, please contact the High School Assistant Principal and DP Coordinator, Stela Holcombe at s.holcombe@mwschool.org.



Volunteer / Meridian Athletics Alliance


Andrea Elswick, Don Holbrook, Mark Rogers, parents of student athletes and the Meridian Athletic Alliance Committee of Action - This trio works with other Meridian Athletics parents to facilitate events, projects, volunteerism and fundraising that supports the Meridian Athletics, individual sports and coaches, the student athletes and the athletics community. Please feel free to connect with them at Meridianathleticalliance@gmail.com. Or Like the Meridian Athletic Alliance Facebook page to follow everything MAA.


Contact Us


To find contact information for coaches and the Athletics Department, please go here.


Chain of Command for Communicating Concerns:

  1. Student athlete to Coach
  2. Parent to Coach
  3. Student athlete or parent to Director of Student Enrichment Services: Monique Swain
  4. Student athlete or parent to Chief Operations Officer: Karalei Nunn
  5. Student athlete or parent to Head of School: Rick Fernandez


Helpful Documents and Links


Physical Form

Athletic Uniform Loan Agreement


Athletics Newsletter


All Meridian secondary students and their parents should be automatically receiving the Athletics Newsletter weekly on Tuesdays. Secondary parents who are not receiving this email should make sure their email address is current with the school's registrar. To subscribe to the Meridian Athletics Newsletter, issued by email weekly on Tuesdays, please email Meridian-athletics@mwschool.org and include "Subscribe to Newsletter" in your subject line.


Please see the right column for back issues of the Athletics Newsletter.  


Academic Eligibility


Students must be passing all of their classes at the end of the grading quarter leading into that sport’s season. If one or more quarter grades are below 70 or an incomplete has been recorded, eligibility is lost 5 school days following the end of the quarter. If ineligible based upon previous quarter grades, but all course grades on 4-week progress report are 70 or above with no grades of incomplete, eligibility is regained 5 school days following the 4-week progress report. 4-week progress report grades may cause a student to regain eligibility (if all grades are passing), but will not cause a student who is currently eligible to become ineligible. Forth quarter grades do not effect first quarter eligibility. All athletes start the school year as eligible. The coach will inform the athletes of their status.


Important 2017-2018 school year dates:


Lose Eligibility

October 20th at 4pm


Regain Eligibility (if all grades 70 or above)

November 17th at 4pm


Lose or Regain Eligibility

January 12th at 4pm


Regain Eligibility (if all grades 70 or above)

February 9th at 4pm


Lose or Regain Eligibility

March 23rd at 4pm


Regain Eligibility (if all grades 70 or above)

April 23rd at 4pm