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  • You will use PikMyKid to check in each morning with a daily health screen.
  • Your child will wear a face mask at school, and we recommend bringing an extra one in a plastic bag in their backpack just in case they need a clean one throughout the day.
  • Water bottle refill stations are available; have your child bring a water bottle to school each day.
  • School meals continue to be free for all students every day. Breakfasts start at 7:30 am. Please arrive before 7:45 for breakfast; drop off at the Green Line if eating at the primary cafeteria. 
  • You can find uniform guides here. New this year (not in the guides) is the ability to wear jeans every day. Grades 9-12 can wear black polos with the lion logo as well.
  • Car tags will be mailed over spring break.
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