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School Culture Initiatives Workshops

Workshops are 30 – 60 minutes long. Please contact Terri Johnson for more information or to schedule a workshop.

How to Have a Difficult Conversation Workshop

The How to Have a Difficult Conversation Workshop will help participants by encouraging and facilitating open communication on sensitive and difficult topics in a safe and non-judgemental setting.  

A Sense of Belonging Workshop

The Sense of Belonging Workshop uses visual aids and creative arts to highlight different ways people define themselves. A combination of activities assist in sharing information with others that speak to how one feels about oneself and their relationship to others in building a positive school culture.

SCI Interactive Icebreakers

Educational and Fun Icebreakers for the classroom or organizational setting to help students feel welcome and included. Resources and materials will be discussed with the requester.

Local Centers and Organizations

These organizations have compiled comprehensive lists of resources to facilitate conversations at home:


Curious to learn more about biases?

Harvard's Project Implicit tests can be a useful tool to engage in thoughtful reflection and discussion.
Implicit Bias

Primary Library Resources:

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Secondary Library Resources:

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