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General Information



Fall Tennis details are subject to change.

Please visit the Athletics website for up-to-date information or contact the Athletics Department at



About Tennis (Fall Season)

Through our continued partnership with Cimarron Hills, Fall 2018 Tennis will consist of two groups: Competitive Tennis and Developmental Tennis.

Competitive Tennis - For student athletes serious about training and competing.

Student athletes do not need to be experienced tennis players to participate in this group, but they must be extremely dedicated. These student athletes should plan to attend all practices and work hard during each practice. They should be eager to learn all they can about tennis and how to grow as a tennis player. Additionally, when they commit to participating in a match, they will be there, short of an illness or family emergency. Out of respect to the coaches and the other athletes who are living up to their commitment to the Competitive Tennis group, student athletes who register for this group but do not attend practices regularly, do not take practices seriously and/or do not attend a match they committed to could be required to sit out a future match or moved to the Developmental Group. (The difference in participation fees would be forfeited if a student is moved to the Developmental Group due to lack of commitment to the Competitive Tennis group.) All eligibility requirements must be maintained (academic, financial, physical and character good standing).

Developmental Tennis - For student athletes who are not yet ready to compete or prefer a more casual tennis learning experience.

Student athletes do not need to be experienced tennis players to participate in this group. This is the ideal group for those new to tennis or those looking for more casual training. These student athletes will not participate in matches. All eligibility requirements, except academic eligibility, must be maintained (financial, physical and character good standing).

 Meridian will offer two groups for Fall 2018 Tennis.



Grades Eligible






Last Practice



7th –12th


(due August 14)

20 practices,

at least 4 matches

and a uniform T-shirt

Monday, August 20

Monday, November 5

Developmental Tennis

7th – 12th


(due August 14)

20 practices

(no matches

or uniform available )

Monday, August 20

Monday, November 5



Important Dates
  • Tuesday, April 24 - Registration opens
  • Tuesday, May 8 – Registration closes.
  • Saturday, May 19 - Free Physicals Event. Must register by April 24, 2018. Learn more here.
  • Tuesday, May 22 - Physical forms due. Email a PDF to Physicals must be valid until November 5, 2018.
  • Tuesday, August 14 - Participation fees due
  • Wednesday, August 15 - Last chance to submit physical form to be eligible to start season.
  • Monday, August 20 - First Practices
  • Sunday, September 9 - "Color War" and Spaghetti Fundraiser @ Cimarron Hills at 5:00pm
  • Monday, November 5 - Last Practice and End of Season Social
How to Register - Now Closed
  • Registration was open April 24-May 8, 2018.
  • A Late Registration Exemption window was open May 22 - May 29, 2018.
  • Sport registration for newly enrolled Meridian students was open June 5 - August 3, 2018.
Practices, Game Schedules, & Tournaments
  • The Fall Tennis season is August through November
  • Fall Tennis Practice Schedule - The same schedule applies to both Competitive and Developmental Tennis. 
  • Fall Tennis Match Schedule (page under construction) - Applies to Competitive Tennis only.
Participation Fees 
  • Competitive Fall Tennis - $325
    • Participation fees includes 20 practices, at least 4 matches and a uniform Meridian Tennis T-shirt, which student athletes can keep after the season ends. The Meridian Tennis uniform T-shirt is required to be worn for all matches. Lost or damaged uniform T-shirts must be replaced at the cost of $45 each.
  • Developmental Fall Tennis - $275
    • Participation fees includes 20 practices. (Developmental Tennis does not include matches or a Meridian Tennis uniform T-shirt.)
How Do I Pay?

The Meridian Athletics Department will email an invoice by June 5th. Participation fees are due in full by August 14th.


Meridian School wants all students to have the opportunity to participate. Financial assistance and/or payment plans are available for those who need it. Please contact for questions about payment plans and/or Athletics scholarships.
About Tennis Competitions
Cimmaron Hills works with area schools to establish a match schedule that is challenging and fun for our Competitive Tennis players. 
Tryout Information
This is a no cut program meaning there are no tryouts to participate. Any 7th-12th grader who wants to play tennis for Meridian Tennis can! Please keep in mind that eligibility requirements do apply and that placement in Competitive Tennis or Developmental Tennis is ultimately at the discretion of the coaches.
Uniform & Equipment Needs
Student athletes participating in Competitive Fall Tennis will receive one Meridian Tennis uniform T-shirt, which is to be worn to all matches. Replacements for damaged or lost uniform T-shirts must be purchased for $45 each, and student athletes cannot compete unless they are wearing the approved uniform T-shirt. 
All tennis players (Competitive or Developmental) should wear clothes that are comfortable and easy to move in and tennis shoes to all practices. Additionally, all participants (Competitive or Developmental) should bring their own racquet to practices and matches (if applicable). 
Transportarion to Practices & Matches
All practices and matches are held off-campus. Practices are at Cimarron Hills Tennis Center, and many of the matches will be there, too. Some matches are at area schools. Meridian does not provide transportation for any Athletics activities, including Tennis practices and matches. Meridian and its coaches cannot make arrangements or suggestions about transportation either. However, the parents of those registered are provided with a list of parent emails for all those who are participating in this sport, this season. Parents are welcome to use that list to make transportation arrangements on their own. (The parent contacts are not to be used for solicitation purposes.)


Fall Tennis details are subject to change.

Please visit the Athletics website for up-to-date information or contact the Athletics Department at