Andrea Shuler

Andrea Shuler was an educator for seven years before joining the Meridian staff as the Athletics Coordinator. She came to Austin from the beautiful state of Colorado, where she developed a talent and love of sports. Andrea earned her Bachelor's Degree from Colorado State University and her Master's in Teaching from the University of Northern Colorado. 

While teaching, she revived a high school track program as the head coach in Colorado Springs and took athletes to the State Championship consecutive seasons. Multiple athletes placed; one claimed the title of "State Champion!" When Andrea moved to Texas, she started a middle school track program that also found success in its first year ─ all the way to the State Championship! Following those achievements, she coached a girls’ basketball team to playoffs in the second year of the school's existence. 

In addition to serving as a classroom teacher, a PE teacher and a two-sport coach, Shuler was instrumental in starting an athletics program at an Austin area public charter school. She successfully initiated sports programs while balancing the mission of the school and the desires of the students. She worked closely with Meridian's charter school league representative in scheduling, and gained invaluable experience with all aspects of starting and growing sports offerings.

Andrea has a passion for working with youth, and she is a strong encourager. She loves culture, and she is eager to find and use opportunities to enhance her American Sign Language and Spanish speaking skills. Andrea is confident that her unique balance of experience as teacher, coach and athletics coordinator, as well as her ambitious and collaborative personality, will help her find great success in her position as Meridian's Athletics Coordinator.