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Class of '22 - College Admissions FAQs

Hi Seniors,
Welcome to a your unique senior year!
Let's start with a key fact:  Although things may be returning to a semblance of normal, trust that colleges understand that your your high school years have been anything but "normal" years in education!
College admissions is an evolving, shifting process as colleges try to adjust to all the changes created by COVID19 and accommodate high school students in new ways:
- Testing: If a college says they are "test optional" this year, you have to take them at their word that they truly will not let this disadvantage you if you do not send scores. However, if your scores are very strong relative to your college it may still be to your advantage to submit.
- Transcripts: ALL colleges have acknowledged that they understand that transcripts will look different for the Spring 2020 semester for all classes due to the pandemic. They are looking for context on transcripts and grades from the high school, and we will provide this on our school profile.
- Resumes: If you were able to pursue normal activities throughout the pandemic, great. But colleges are aware that many students had activities interrupted or cancelled and their activity list may be less robust than usual.  Just be honest and let the schools know what you have been doing with your time and how this has affected you.
- Demonstrated interest: Some schools do not consider this, but many do. Although you can't make in person campus visits now, be sure to look on the college website for opportunities to do a virtual visit or other activities to show your interest.  
- A positive note: When colleges lost their ability to host live events for students, they quickly responded with virtual and online events! There are many college visits as well as application and essay writing workshops available that were not accessible from home in the past. Go to your colleges of interest to see what resources they offer, as well as a sample of other colleges that may offer general workshops.
Here are some quick links that might be helpful to you:
ApplyTexas application:
*Note:  for the Class of 2022, DO NOT use Be sure to use their new landing page!
And their very useful help center, available 24/7:
Transcript requests - use this link on the Meridian website to request all transcripts. Note: Please allow 10 days for any transcript to be submitted.
Texas Success Initiative (TSI):  Testing requirement only at public universities in Texas. All students are expected to meet this standard before graduation.
You may exempt this requirement by submitting the following test scores:
SAT - Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) 480 or above and Math 530 or above (no combined score requirement)
ACT -  Composite score of 23, with a minimum 19 on each English and math.
If you have not exempted the TSI there will be a TSI exam offered at Meridian this year.  Further information is available at:
Fee Waivers: See Mrs. Gregg for an SAT or ACT fee waiver form if you are eligible. The eligibility guidelines and complete details for each program can be found on the links below.
Income eligibility guidelines for testing and application fee waivers:
 Senior Conferences:  Please look for the link in Lions Share for senior conferences with Mrs. Gregg.  These will begin on August 31.
Mrs. Gregg is a part-time employee, and can be found on campus all day on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  At other times, please email Mrs. Gregg at with any questions or concerns about your college applications!