College Planning » Ninth Grade Notes

Ninth Grade Notes

Ninth Grade Notes

So you’re in high school!  This is the big time!  But what comes next?!  It’s time to begin focusing on the most important considerations in college admissions:

High school courses


Test Scores

Extracurricular Activities

Community Service

Work Experience


Here are some things you can do to successfully pave your way to life after high school…

Enroll in a college preparatory curriculum throughout high school

o   Challenge yourself, study hard, and do well in school.  You are starting a permanent record this year that others will use to make decisions about you


Get involved!  Not just during the school year, but also use your summers wisely:

o  Participate in extracurricular activities

o Look for volunteer opportunities in the community

o Pursue an area of interest or use your activities to help you discover your passion.   Colleges are interested in seeing depth of involvement, where you are committed and demonstrate leadership.


Lay the groundwork for your resume

o   Begin keeping a list or folder with information for your resume.  It may be hard to remember all your freshman activities, awards, etc., when you start compiling your resume


Begin researching careers

Texas On Course resources for students and families:

o College Board Big Future program:


Get yourself on campus!

o Visit colleges nearby or during family travel.  Check out a variety of campuses:  small, large, in the city, in a small town, etc.  You will begin to formulate an idea about what you really like and don’t like about campuses. 

o If you can't make a campus visit, check out the college websites for virtual tours and info sessions.  They want you to learn about them!


Remember this quote: “College is a match to be made, not a game to be won.”  Early planning will help you make your best match.


 Good Luck!