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Dismissal/Car Line App

Meridian families,
We are rolling out a new program to help car line and daily dismissal go more smoothly!
This program is a phone application downloaded onto your smart phone (found in the app store) and will allow you to do the following:
  • Easily and quickly fill out a daily health questionnaire before on-campus learning
  • Notify Meridian Faculty about pick-up changes via the app
  • Authorize other people (known as delegates in the app) to pick-up your child from school and schedule their pick up dates
  • Get alerts when your child has been picked up (feature coming soon)
  • Receive quick news updates (say if traffic or weather will affect pick up), without using sms service
See our email with details. And click on on all three links below for details (especially the Check In Daily Health Screen Questionnaire):
Before your child heads back to on campus learning, 
  • Download the 'PikMyKid' app through your app store,
  • Explore the app (including a helpful FAQ section in the "hamburger icon at the top right of the app screen),
  • Watch the training videos,
  • Read the informational flyers below.