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BYOD Policy

August 4, 2016


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) at Meridian

Meridian School has implemented a ‘bring-your-own device’ program since the fall of 2015. These students have had the option of bringing their own laptop or tablet device to school for classroom use only OR leasing a device from the school. A handbook of dos and don’ts is available and students reviewed and signed prior to participating.


At this time, we would like to bring our new 9th and 10th graders on board. So, beginning with the first day of school, students will be allowed to bring their own device to Meridian for classroom work only. A SMART PHONE IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE BYOD DEVICE.


Should a student not have a device currently and wish to lease one from Meridian, Chromebooks will be made available for semester or school-year long leasing. A ‘buy-out’ is possible at the end of the year or graduation. The cost to the school for the device, three-year warranty, management license, and a protective case is approximately $350.


You may, of course, choose to purchase a device for your student. Chromebooks range in price from $200 to $300 with a one-year warranty. Meridian does not endorse one store or a particular manufacturer over any other. These prices do not include a two-year extended warranty, insurance against accidental breakage, or a protective case.


Beginning August 22, 2016, Meridian will not guarantee availability of school-provided devices to students who choose not to BYOD, lease a device, or forget to bring their devices to school. The business office will work with families who are experiencing financial hardship to assure that all students are able to participate.


Students will be responsible for their device (owned or leased) much like they would a textbook. They should bring it to school each day. It should be fully charged and ready to use. While electrical outlets are available throughout the building, no charging stations will be in place for quick-charges. New Chromebooks will generally hold a charge for a full day.


Below, please see the outline of the plan:



Meridian 9th-12th grade students. August 2016.



BYOD - Apple / Chromebook / Windows - Laptops or Tablets (NO SMART PHONES)

Lease: Samsung Chromebook3 with case.



Students will log into Meridian Student Network.

Apple or Chromebook users will connect directly to Network.

Windows users will have an anti-viral software installed prior to connection.



BYOD: $0 to Bring Your Own Device

Lease: $90/semester or $160/school year. (Financial hardship: please contact )



BYOD: Students are responsible for their own devices. Meridian accepts no liability                                       against damage or theft.

Lease: Devices will be new, warrantied, and insured against damage.

If accidentally damaged (non-warranty), the student will pay a deductible for the school to have repaired.

If lost, the student will be charged the full replacement cost.



Lease: To purchase device at the end of 2017, student may pay $300 with two years remaining on the warranty.            



BYOD or Lease: Students will use these devices during school hours for school intended purposes only. Students will not be able to use for streaming video or other intense recreational purposes prior to the start of school or during lunch breaks due to the limitations of the Meridian network.



We will place an order for the Chromebooks August 17th to assure they are on site and ready the day school begins on August 22nd.