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Car Basics Course - Fundraiser!

Parents, is this your student? Do you want to make sure your soon-to-be or new-ish driver knows the basics to maintain the vehicle they are driving? 
This is an opportunity to do just that! A parent who teaches car mechanics professionally at ACC is partnering with Meridian to provide this opportunity to your student. The fee is discounted from the usual $150 to $100, and proceeds will benefit Meridian financially, helping to fund ViP Grants submitted by high school teachers.
WHO: Current 10th-12th grade students
WHAT: Student will bring his/her own car and learn the following car basics:
Raising and Releasing the Hood
Checking Fluid Levels
Types of Fluid and how to check them
How to add Fluids if they are low
Dashboard Indicator Lights- what they mean, what to do, when to pull over
Locating and Changing Spare Tires
Checking Tire Pressure and Tread
How to change wiper blades
When to clean a battery terminal
How to choose what kind of gas you buy
What do you do if you are out of fuel
What happens if you hit an animal
What happens if you are being pulled over by police
Information about dealing with car repair shops
And much more! 
WHEN: Saturday, Oct 20 (Three class times:  9:00 - 11:00, 11:30 - 1:30, and 2:00 - 4:00)
WHERE: Meridian School
COST: $100 (discounted from $150 and proceeds benefit Meridian)
Sign up at and visit the school store.