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Dina Samaniego

Dina moved to Round Rock, Texas in December, 2020 from San Diego, California. She earned a Bachelor's or Arts degree in Spanish and a basic certificate in Applied Linguistics in English as a Second Language from San Diego State University in 2003. Dina also completed an Associate's of Arts degree in Child Development Teacher. She began her journey in inspiring high school students to attain higher education and to never give up on their educational dreams. Dina’s motto is “The Sky is the limit." She has three daughters, and two of them currently attend Meridian Middle School. Dina feels privileged to be part of the SPED Meridian Middle School Team as an instructional assistant and hopes to make a difference in the lives of her students. Her goal as a mother and a teacher is to motivate and help children and adolescents reach their full potential by promoting independence and creativity. She likes hiking and playing the guitar with her family and friends.