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Upcoming Holidays, Holy Days and Observances

We have a diverse school community, and live in a diverse world, and at Meridian School we believe it is important as IB learners that we cultivate our International Mindedness. One way to do this is to inquire about customs and beliefs with which we might be unfamiliar, as well as looking more deeply into our own traditions. In this section, shared each week in Lions Share, we try to provide an even-handed representation of some of the important observances of our diverse school and world.
Holidays and Holy Days
Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and Jewish American Heritage Month
May is Asian Pacific American Heritage month, a time to recognize the contributions to the United States of those of Asian and Pacific Island heritage. It is also Jewish American Heritage month, for the recognition of contributions to American culture and society by those of Jewish heritage.
Eid Al Fitr
The Muslim holy month of Ramadan ends May 13, 2021 with the “feast of fast-breaking”, or Eid-al-Fitr. The day is spent feasting and celebrating. Timeanddate.com notes that in celebration of Eid-al-Fitr Muslims often wear their finest clothes, decorate their houses, forgive old wrongs, donate to the poor, and generally dedicate the day to God.

Shavuot, the Jewish “feast of weeks,” begins the evening of May 16 and continues through May 18 (2021). This feast is held seven weeks after the second seder (or meal) of Passover. Its beginnings are rooted in an ancient harvest festival, but its main religious association is with God’s delivery of the Ten Commandments to the ancient people of Israel.