Match Results

2020 Spring Tennis Match Results


Meridian Tennis is 2020 TCSAAL State Champions!

Saturday, February 29

East View High School

The Meridian State Tennis Team dominated the Texas Charter School Academic and Athletic League on Leap Day Saturday at the TCSAAL State Tennis Tournament, securing six State Championship titles!


6 State Championships

  • HS Boys Singles State Champion - Grayson
  • HS Girls Singles State Champion - India
  • HS Mixed Doubles State Champions - Dhanu and Eli
  • HS Boys Varsity Team State Champions - Meridian
  • HS Girls Varsity Team State Champions - Meridian
  • MS Boys Doubles State Champions - Ravi and Krish
3 State Runners-Up
  • HS Boys Singles State Runner-Up - Vijaykrishna
  • HS Girls Doubles State Runners-Up - Giulia and Hope
  • MS Boys Singles State Runner-Up - Krish
State Semi-Finalists
  • HS Boys Doubles - Travis and Jacob
  • HS Girls Doubles - Shreya and Shruti
  • MS Boys Doubles - Suhas and Kanai
  • MS Boys Singles - Ravi
  • MS Girls Doubles - Lily and Kentleigh
For brackets and complete results, please go here.


Meridian Middle School vs. Benold MS

Wednesday, February 26

Benold Middle School

Meridian Middle School Tennis players matched up with Benold Middle School in our first interscholastic middle school match of the season on Wednesday. Meridian won 8-4! Notable victories include:

  • Suhas
  • Major
  • Krish
  • Nicolas
  • Kanai
  • Ravi and Kanai
  • Suhas and Krish
  • Major and Kentleigh



Meridian Varsity vs. Regents HS

Monday, February 24

Barton Creek Country Club

Meridian Varsity Tennis players matched up with Regents HS in our first interscholastic match of the season on Monday. Many Meridian Tennis players celebrated victories, including:

  • India/Riya 6-1
  • Shreya/Shruti 6-3
  • Grayson/Eli 6-0
  • Dhanu/Eli 6-0
  • Dhanu/Eli 6-2
  • Shriya/Krisha 7-6
  • Eli - 6-2
  • Travis 6-0