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March 2, 2021


Varsity Baseball Cancelled Due to COVID-19

Unfortunately, now that Rates of New Transmission for Williamson County have been reported for 2/26-2/28, Varsity Baseball has been cancelled for the Spring of 2021, as it is impossible for Williamson County to transition from RED to ORANGE in time for tryouts. Tryouts were moved back as close as possible to the start of the league season, which is 3/23. Tryouts on 3/10 would have allowed for optional practices only during Spring Break. Sadly, there is no more time left to allow Williamson County to transition to ORANGE and be able to start the league season.

More about Rates of New Transmission and the impact on Varsity League Baseball:
To have the opportunity to proceed with this season, the following must be true: Williamson County must be in ORANGE by 3/9/2021. For it to be possible to transition to ORANGE by 3/9, Wilco must have a Rate of New Transmission below 12.7 for 14 consecutive days. This means that as of 2/23, Wilco must be below a rate of 12.7 and remain there through 3/9. The recent Rates of New Transmission are as follows:
2/23 - 8.2
2/24 = 10.2
2/25 = 12.2
2/26 = 13.5
2/27 = 14.8
2/28 = 16.4
Although Wilco started trending in the right direction, we are now back above the 12.7 threshold, making it impossible to transition to ORANGE before tryouts.


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