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Extracurriculars Update

Plans are subject to change.


Last updated 9/28/2020


Triple A - Arts/A la carte Programs Offered Virtually (K-5th Grades)

Mandarin Chinese


Sticky Fingers Cooking

Learn more about Triple A here.


Secondary Extracurricular Updates

  • No Pass No Play / Academic Eligibility - With activities such as Model UN, fall sports and other extracurricular activities with a competition or performance component starting soon, parents and students need to be aware of No Pass No Play, the rule that states that students are not eligible to compete or perform in extracurricular activities unless they are passing all of their classes. This will take effect after the end of the 1st Quarter grading period (October 9). For more information, please see No Pass No Play Guidance for Students and Parents

For questions, please email Secondary-enrichment@mwschool.org.


Athletics (7th-12th grades)

  • Volleyball - For 7th-12th grade girls and 8th-12th grade boys. Registration is now open! Ends at 10 pm on Sept. 30. (No late registration.) Check your Volleyball registration status here.

  • Physical Forms -

      • Physical forms for 2020 Volleyball are due by October 7, 2020. (Physical forms for winter and spring sports will be due when that sport's registration window ends. If you want to participate in winter or spring sports, please get your physical form taken care of as soon as possible.)
      • Students must have a valid physical form on file with the Athletics Department prior to participating.
      • Check the expiration date of your physical form here. If your name is not listed, it is because we do not have a physical form on file for you.
      • Download a blank physical form here.
      • Learn more about physical eligibility and physical forms here.
  • Locker Rooms - Locker Rooms are closed. We are not going to stop students from using the restrooms to change. But, ideally they shower/change at home. If we find there are issues with students gathering in the restrooms, we will have to change our processes and limit the use of the restrooms before and after practices. For now, students are free to use the restroom stalls to change. If all stalls are in use. they must wait in the hallway, properly physically distanced, until a stall becomes available.  
For questions about Meridian Athletics, please email Meridian-athletics@mwschool.org.

Secondary Clubs & Organizations

For questions, please email Secondary-enrichment@mwschool.org.