Garudo Parent Testimonial

“The Art of Giving” by a Meridian Family - The Garudo Family


 We see volunteering as an extension of Meridian’s mission.  It is a privilege to give of ourselves in time, effort, and self.


 As volunteers to our Meridian Family, our message is one of caring, of dedication and of excellence. We share the Meridian mission through our words and through our actions. We believe all volunteers deliver the school’s mission message daily to our board members, our leaders, teachers, students, parents, fellow volunteers and community for our school. We truly are a key part of the Meridian School team and we can see, feel, and measure our value.


We can see our value through the numerous hand written shout outs from the school and others that tell us that what we are doing, really matters!  


We can feel our value through the many personal connections and friendships that we have made through our extension of service.


We can measure our value by the return on investment. Our kids see us invested in their school so they become invested in their own education.


 At the heart of volunteering, is teamwork, which multiplies our capabilities and lightens everybody’s workload.  It is through our volunteering that we feel like we are a critical part of the team!


Offering the gift of service to our school through volunteering brings many rewards to our family. Volunteering is a privilege, and we are blessed to have the ability to serve. Our family is proud to count ourselves among the group of people that strive to make an impact to Meridian World School.


Service is truly at the heart of everything  volunteers do.  As a parent volunteer, our gift to Meridian is our service.  Our family (not limited just to us the parents but even grandparents) have performed a variety of tasks throughout our time at Meridian. From providing time and service remotely to my children’s classrooms, taking pride in keeping the school entrance clean and tidy, planting and upkeep to the outside school planters, continued volunteering since year 1 to the ViP Leadership team, making chair covers for classrooms, organizing/labeling classroom library, being the LPAC parent representative (yearly commitment), contributing to classroom parties/unit donation needs, morning car line, and our annual pledge, we have kept our finger on the pulse ;-)   


Our service may take place behind the scenes.  But there’s something we all have in common: volunteering keeps us connected to our school and it sends a message to our children that we TRULY care for what they do and the place they do it at!


It is our goal as a Meridian Family and as volunteers to be of service, and to do it in a manner that embodies the Meridian mission and values.