Castro Parent Testimonial

 October 12, 2016

Dear Fellow Parents,

Like a majority of you, I have participated in many, many volunteer opportunities at the school. Aren’t there always more? From assisting in the cafeteria, library and carline to school supply distribution, sewing countless chair pockets, landscaping and helping plan class parties I have given my time and energy. Though I was quickly able to determine that some of these tasks weren’t for me, I am always happy to have the chance to be at this wonderful school, interacting with the amazing staff, parents, and students.  I see these times as a way to strengthen my relationship with the Meridian community and demonstrate how much I treasure and value the education my children get here.

We were able to get our oldest child into the school right before it opened.  As luck would have it, an extra class of second grade was added and he got a spot.  With nothing to lose, we decided to try out this brand new school to see if it was a good fit for us. Within weeks we were drawn in as the calls for volunteers began...white board installation, teacher support, Tuesday folders, playground construction.  I couldn’t do it all since my primary focus was caring for my younger children full time, but I did what I could to help from home: sewing, Scholastic book orders, and making food for the teams of talented people who volunteered to install the playground, including my husband.  Now that all my children attend school here I am able to balance my part time job with volunteer opportunities that fit my schedule and I am able to give extra attention to an event that I am most passionate about, Science Saturday!  Of course there are too many volunteer needs I won’t ever be able to get to and I am grateful there are so many committed families and staff members who step up to get it all done.  It really takes us all working together to keep the enriching experiences and high quality education available to all the students of Meridian.

Naturally, not everyone is able to volunteer at the school as much as I am.  Some parents have jobs outside of their homes with little flexibility, others have family responsibilities and younger children or are single parents. For those families, just the 20 hours of volunteering is a challenge to work in. But everyone, everyone, EVERYONE can participate with a financial pledge to the school. Even a single dollar shows your support of this amazing, unique education experience and can be put to good use. The critical part is that with 100% participation of families to the annual fund we SCREAM that we value and treasure Meridian school and the hard work of the tireless staff.  Many families can give so much more and even have employers who match funds.  Donate what you can and know every child in the school will benefit from new technology, more enriching experiences, better equipment and resources and more thanks to your support.  

I am in awe of this tremendous community at Meridian and am proud to be a part of it. Yes, some days I feel like I live here.  But this IS like a second home to our children.  They will spend 13 years here developing, learning, and growing into curious, confident, conscientious citizens.  They will go on to touch the lives of many others in their communities, just as their lives are being touched now by the  caring staff here at Meridian.  I know I want to do everything I can to make this school the best it can be for my children and all the others who are fortunate enough to attend Meridian.  It is the responsibility of each of us as parents to do this however we can, whenever we can.  Start with your annual fund pledge to show that you value your child’s school and get involved however you can.  You will feel energized and proud to be connected to this rich community.


Debi Castro