Batterton Parent Testimonial

We have been at Meridian since the beginning in 2011 with our older son who is a Senior this year.  And we have 10 more years to go with our younger son! We give because we CHOSE this school 8 years ago and realized our own responsibility that came with that choice.  Meridian operates without the usual financial support from the state that most ISD’s get – we must help make up that difference – because this school is the choice we chose.  Meridian plays a huge role teaching our children to become the next generation of world citizens.  They invest so much into our kids – don’t we have a shared responsibility to invest in that too?  Even the smallest financial donation counts towards the goal of 100% parent participation in the Annual fund – it doesn’t really matter the size. 

The other choice we make is to volunteer our time.  With so many opportunities to Volunteer, I was able to log 175 hours last year.  That kind of blew my mind!  How did I do it? Slow and steady throughout the year.  Is YOUR time worth it? YES! The more I have volunteered, the more I feel like I’m part of a community guiding my kids and setting a good example for them.  I have been able to meet new friends across all grade levels through volunteering. It’s all connected. There must be somewhere for you to jump in too? All you have to do is choose it. We are so grateful for the opportunity to have our kids at Meridian - the least we can do in return, is support the school with as much of our time and money as we can. I'm looking forward to every minute of it because Volunteering becomes addictive and Meridian is my habit. I hope you will chose to join us in giving back too!

Jeanne & Peter Batterton