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Bringing Stories to Life



Story Planning and Script Writing: November 5 - 8, 2018

Story Review: January 8, 2019

Prep: January 17 - February 12, 2019

Rehearsals: February 13, 14, 15, and 19

The Show: Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Post Show Celebration: Thursday, February 21, 2019


Students will literally bring a selected story of their group’s choice to life! Once a story is selected, or created from scratch, students will begin to make any changes or additions to the story line. They will create their own costumes and perform their play for an audience. During rehearsal times, students should be present as much as possible to best ensure they learn their lines and to have rehearsal time with their group as a whole. Parents can help by communicating with your student’s primary group leader to verify what role your student will have in the event and to confirm if costumes will be needed. 

Parent Permission Slip - Handed out on 1/18/19

About the Stories

Group K1 & K3 – The Great Ocean Adventure

The story takes place in the ocean on a magical reef, where a lonely octopus wants to find friends. The ocean is full of interesting creatures with many differences. They cannot get along. In the end the lonely octopus makes friends with the sea creatures and a human overcoming their differences to come together and have a great time to celebrate their uniqueness.



Group K2 – The Tale of the Sister Parrots

This is a one of a kind story about two loving sister parrots, sure to make you “awww” and laugh. An interesting and unexpected journey occurs when one of the parrots decides to finally leave the nest.



Group 1A & 1B – Four Little Pigs

This is a story of the four little pigs that escape the big bad wolf, with the help of brother Pig Four. How did he do that?  Was Pig Four really able to get away and save his brothers from the wolf?



Group 2A - Broken Wings That Fly
A group of best friends decide to have a day at the park, where they find themselves on a journey that leads them into the sky, ending them in a magic world of Gameland.



Group 2B – The Bear and the Three Goldilocks

This story is a sequel of the original story, with an unexpected twist. Come along with the Goldilocks family and Mr. Bear as they learn together not to assume the worst in tough situations. 



Group 3A & 3B – Bagnapped

When Jimmy John doesn't show up at the arcade, his three friends and the world famous detective, Ziplock Holmes, set out on a mission to find him. In their search, the begin to fear that Jimmy John may have been... bagnapped. 



Group 4A & 4B – Guac Wars

The heroes from Harry Potter and Star Wars join forces to acquire the Golden Guac from across the Galaxy!




This is a story about a doctor who accidentally & unknowingly administers a contaminated flu vaccine to two students.  The children become zombies and a zombie outbreak ensues.  The play ends on a mysterious note…beware!