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Dance Team details are subject to change.

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About 2020-2021 "Fierce" Dance Team

Meridian's Dance Team, "Fierce" will enjoy it's third year in 2020-2021.

Fierce will be comprised of 12-40 experienced 7th-12th grade dancers. Fierce also plans to have Officers, consisting of 3-5 exceptional 8th-12th grade dancers who are eager and ready for a leadership role.

Fierce has mandatory Extensive Summer Training and trains 1-3 times weekly from August through the first week of April. See Practice Schedule for details. (Coming soon.)

Fierce performs at Meridian pep rallies, home basketball games and two local dance team competitions. Participants may also choose to compete in solo contests at those same competitions for an additional participation fee.

Tryouts for the Dance Team are required. Those who will be in 8th-12th grades during the 2020-2021 school year may elect to tryout for Dance Team Officer as well. (Tryouts are closed to parents and spectators.) See Dance Team Tryouts and Officer Tryouts. (Coming soon.)

All members of Dance Team are required to attend the Dance Team Extensive Summer Practice. (Dates coming soon.) Officers are also required to attend the Officer Extensive Summer Practice. (Coming soon.) See Practice Schedule for details.

Dance Team members will be loaned two dance tops and a set of pom poms. Officers will be loaned an additional top for their officer competitions. All additional uniform components will need to be provided by the student athlete. Student athletes will also be provided with a Meridian Athletics spirit wear T-shirt, which they will be able to keep.

All eligibility requirements pertain, including Physical Eligibility, Academy Eligibility (No Pass No Play). Financial Eligibility and Character Good Standing Eligibility. Learn more about eligibility here.

 2019-2020 Meridian Dance Team "Fierce"


Grades Eligible

Minimum Participants








Last Practice

Dance Team

7th - 12th 




See Dance Team Tryouts for more info.

See Practices

April 7, 2020


9th - 12th




(includes Dance Team $375 participation fee)



See Officer Tryouts for details.




See Practices

April 7, 2020


Important Dates
  • Monday, April 8 – Dance Team Interest Meeting, for students only, during advisory in Mrs. Rowe's room (M1.22)
  • Tuesday, April 5 – Registration opens
  • Tuesday, April 23 –
    • Registration closes
    • Physical forms due. See Eligibility.
  • Monday, April 29 –
  • Tuesday, April 30 – Dance Team Tryout Practice (Optional). 7:00-7:45am, Mays Aux Gym
  • Friday, May 3 – Dance Team Tryout Practice (Optional). 4:00-5:00pm, Mays Gym
  • Saturday, May 4 –
    • Dance Team Tryouts (Mandatory). 9:00am-12:00pm, Mays Aux Gym. See Dance Team Tryouts for details.
    • Mandatory Parent & Athlete Meeting
    • Dance Team Participation Fees due
  • Thursday, May 9 – Officer Tryout Packet due
  • Friday, May 10 – Officer Tryout Practice (Mandatory - learn compulsory routine), 4:00-5:30pm, Mays Gym
  • Friday, May 17 – Officer Tryout Practice (Optional), 4:00-5:30pm, Mays Gym
  • Saturday, May 18 –
    • Officer Tryouts, 9:00-11:00am. See Officer Tryouts for details.
    • Officer Participation Fees due
  • Saturday, May 18 – Free Physicals Event
  • Monday, June 3 Wednesday, June 5 - Dance Team Extensive Practice (Mandatory). See Practice Schedule for details.
  • Tuesday, July 30 Wednesday, July 31 - Officer Extensive Practice (Mandatory). See Practice Schedule for details.
  • Thursday, August 8 - If physicals expired over the summer, an updated physical form must be submitted by this date to be physically eligible for the first regular practice.
  • Tuesday, August 13 First regular practice
  • Friday, August 29 – Friday Night Lights Tailgate & Lyp Sync Battle
  • Tuesday, December 17 -  4:05-5:30 Holiday Party and Competition Bin decorating time (optional, in Jones classroom) 
  • Thursday, January 9 - 1:50-2:20pm (during advisory) in Mays Gym - Dance Team photos
  • Saturday, February 1 First Competition - Leander HS "Winter Dance Classic"
How to Register - Now Closed.
  • Registration will be open April 5 - April 23, 2019. (This is a 18-day registration window.) There are additional steps needed for Dance Team Registration. 
  • No late registration will be available for students enrolled in Meridian during the registration window.
  • Parents of students who enroll in Meridian School after Aprl 23rd but whose students would like to participate on the Dance Team should contact Meridian's registrar at admin@mwschool.org for access to the Newly Enrolled Student Sports Registration. Please note this Newly Enrolled Student Registration window closes August 2, 2019. Physical forms are due no later than August 8, 2019. Newly enrolled students will not be eligible for the mandatory Extensive Summer Training. Newly enrolled students will need to tryout shortly after school resumes, and if they make the team, participation fees will be due at that time and the student will need to work hard independently and outside from regular team practices to make up for missed time and learn the routines by watching video.
Practices, Performances, Competitions, Contents
Participation Fees 
Dance Team Participation Fee = $375
  • 2 uniform tops (loaned)
  • 1 set of pom poms (loaned)
  • 1 Meridian Athletics spirit wear shirt (keeper)
  • Dance Team Extensive Summer Practice
  • Weekly practices with an increase to twice weekly in January and February and an occasional third practice during competition season
  • 2 Dance Team competition entries
Officer Participation Fee = $585
  • 2 uniform tops (loaned)
  • 1 set of pom poms (loaned)
  • 1 Meridian Athletics spirit wear shirt (keeper)
  • Dance Team Extensive Summer Practice
  • Weekly practices with an increase to twice weekly in January and February and an occasional third practice during competition season
  • Each Dance Team practice is extended by 30 minutes specifically for Officers,
  • Officers will have two additional practices each month, August - April.
  • 2 Dance Team competition entries
  • An additional uniform top (loaned)
  • 2 Officer competition entries
Payment Plans available. Please see Financial Information for more information and request a payment plan, if desired in your Meridian Athletics Registration form. 
Athletics Scholarships are available to those who qualify. To inquire about an Athletics Scholarship, please email financialaid@mwschool.org.
How Do I Pay?

Participation fees (or the 1st installment of the payment plan) are due at the conclusion of tryouts to secure your spot on the team. Please bring a check made out to Meridian School or bring cash in the exact amount. (No change will be given.)


If utilizing the payment plan, the second and third payment will be made via MySchoolBucks.


Meridian School wants all students to have the opportunity to participate. Financial assistance and/or payment plans are available for those who need it. Please contact financialaid@mwschool.org for questions about payment plans and/or Athletics scholarships.
Minimum Skills Required
Dance Team:
Overall Dance Technique/Style
  • Dancers must be familiar with all ballet positions of the feet and arms.
  • Dancers must be knowledgeable of transition steps (chasse, pas de bourree, ball changes, etc.)
  • Dancers must be working on being a stylized dancer
  • Dancers must be familiar with multiple styles of dance: Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, etc.
  • Dancers must have a clear sense of control and awareness of body placement
  • Clean single/double pirouette
  • Chanes (R/L); in plie; releve; fast or slow
  • Inside pirouettes
  • Need to have turns on R and L with correct technique
  • Jete (brush leap)
  • Developpe leap
  • Kicks should be shoulder height with straight knees and pointed ankles and toes
  • flat/close to flat on R and L
  • Double/Triple pirouettes on R and L
  • Double Inside pirouettes
  • Potential for fouettes
  • Chaine Leaps/Calypso
  • Potential for Russian leap
  • R and L split flat on the ground
Tryout Information
Uniform & Equipment Needs
  • The school will issue the student two performance uniform tops (Dance Team) and poms. Some costumes and props will be provided through fundraising activities for each member as well, and some will consist of required dance items students purchase on their own.
  • Each member is held responsible for the care and return of items issued and will be responsible to pay for any items lost or damaged while in his/her possession.
  • Members may not wear the groups uniform/costume unless the sponsors designate. The uniform/costume should be respected at all times and not shared with non-members of the organization.
  • Members may not eat or drink anything other than water in uniform.
  • Members must hand wash your uniform according to instructions given by your sponsor after each performance/event.
  • Please find the Dance Team Uniform Loan Agreement, with replacement pricing, here.
Transportation to Practices, Performances, Competitions and Contests

Parents are responsible for all transportation to and from any performances and practices. Members must arrive on time and be picked up on time. If parents choose to carpool with another dance team member at performances, they will give advance notice and complete a permission form stating who will pick them up and releasing Meridian and all staff of any liability.



Dance Team details are subject to change.

Please visit the Athletics website for up-to-date information

or contact the Athletics Department at meridian-athletics@mwschool.org