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Graduation Requirements

Meridian Graduation Requirements

In effect beginning Fall 2014.  Subject to revision based on legislative changes.

Foundation High School Program (FHSP), Distinguished Level of Achievement, & IB Program




Specific Course Requirements



English I, English II, English III, English IV

World Language


4 credits in the same language in high school

Social Studies


W Geog, W Hist, US Hist, US Govt (.5), Economics (.5), IB History of the Americas



Biology & Chemistry + 2 years advanced Biology or 2 years advanced Chemistry



Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, plus 2 years IB Math

Fine Arts


Theatre Arts or Visual Arts

Physical Education


Foundations in Personal Fitness



Students must demonstrate proficiency in communication skills

Theory of Knowledge


Semester 1 in junior year; Semester 2 in senior year

IB Group 6


Theatre, Visual Arts or Science


Total:   28


Additional requirements for the IB Diploma Program:

·       Extended Essay (EE) – up to 4,000 words on a subject on the approved list

·       Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) – participation in creative activities, physical activities, or social or community work throughout the junior and senior years


In addition, each student must choose at least one endorsement upon entering 9th grade:

Multidisciplinary Studies

·       4 credits in each of the four foundation subject areas

·       4 credits in IB or dual credit in English, math, science, social studies, world languages, or fine arts


·       Alg II, Chemistry & Physics, + 2 math courses beyond Alg II

·       Alg II, Chemistry & Physics, + 3 additional courses in math or science

Arts & Humanities

·       2 levels in each of 2 Languages Other Than English

·       2 courses from one or two categories in fine arts

 ·       Note:  Students may deviate from this plan only after completion of 10th grade and upon approval by a committee

comprised of the student, their parents, core teachers, counselor, and administrator.

Meridian 4-year plan for the Class of 2019

IB Group

Grade 9 – ’15-‘16

Grade 10 – ’16-‘17

Grade 11 – ’17-‘18

Grade 12 – ’18-‘19


English I

English II

IB English Y1

IB English Y2


French or Spanish

French or Spanish

IB French or Spanish Y1

IB French or Spanish Y2


World Geography

World History

IB History of the Americas Y1

(United States History)

IB History of the Americas Y2

(20th Century Topics)



Chemistry I

IB Biology Y1 -or-

IB Chemistry Y1

IB Biology Y2  -or-

IB Chemistry Y2



(Prerequisite:  successful completion of Algebra I)

Algebra II

IB Math SL Y1

(Precalculus) -or-

IB Math Studies Y1


IB Math SL Y2

(Calculus) -or-

IB Math Studies Y2


Theatre Arts I or

Visual Arts I

Theatre Arts II or

Visual Arts II

IB Theatre Arts, Visual Arts, Biology, or Chemistry Y1

IB Theatre Arts, Visual Arts, Biology, or Chemistry Y2


Foundations of Personal Fitness

Study Hall (or MYP elective – subject to change as MYP develops)

Fall: US Government

Spring: IB Theory of Knowledge (TOK) S1

Fall: IB Theory of Knowledge (TOK) S2

Spring: Economics



College Readiness

(Study Hall or elective)

(Study Hall or elective)


*Note:  For students not taking the IB course in Grade 11 or 12, a course in the same subject but an alternate level may be available.  

Placement will be based upon committee approval (student, parent and school representatives).