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Bridgette Ojo

Ms. Ojo is the child of Nigerian parents (though she has yet to visit Nigeria); she is a PhD Candidate in Educational Leadership and has a passion for helping students enjoy biology through challenging, fun and engaging activities. She joined Meridian in 2023 and has taught biology for 6 years, 2 of which included IB DP biology, chemistry and environmental systems and societies. Born in Los Angeles, California, Ms. Ojo moved to Texas in 2010, graduating from Cypress Springs High School. She attended John Brown University in Arkansas, receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Sports Medicine and Biology. She completed her Master’s in Biomedical Sciences at Liberty University, and is currently in the dissertation phase in her PhD program at Liberty University.

When she is not teaching, Ms. Ojo loves spending time with her two amazing daughters, Amelia and Gabrielle, conducting educational research, reading, and recording her podcast, The PhD Mommy’s Journey (which ranks globally in the top 1%). Ms. Ojo is beyond excited to join the Meridian Family as the 9th grade biology teacher and is grateful to call Meridian her “breath of fresh air” because of the support, guidance and love she has received from students, staff and parents.