Lindsey Simmons joined Meridian in August 2011 as Meridian's first PE/Wellness teacher and Athletic Coordinator. She grew up in Dallas and graduated from Concordia University in Nebraska with a degree in education and kinesiology. Lindsey played tennis and soccer in college and also played soccer on the Texas State Olympic Development Team. Her passion for soccer led her to coach all age groups from 3 year olds through high school. Her passion for athletics led her to a position as an athletic director in Dallas, and she has enjoyed helping Meridian develop its sports program.   Lindsey is certified in K-12 physical education and 1st-8th grade general education. She has completed Category 1 and advanced IB-PYP training. She has experience teaching P.E., 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade general ed, Reader’s Theater, and Art.  Lindsey’s strong belief in teaching to the whole child through many different learning styles encouraged her to choose Meridian for her career and for her own children. The inquiry based program that focuses on community service and encourages students to work with others around the globe is a match to Lindsey’s professional beliefs.