Laurie Ferrell joined Meridian in August 2011 as a second grade teacher and a member of the school's first faculty.  Laurie has a degree in education through family and child development from Kansas State University. She is certified in general education pre-kindergarten through sixth grade, ESL, and special education. Though she has taught several grade levels, as well as Content Mastery, she came to Meridian from Memphis, Tennessee where she was an Instructional Coordinator for first through fourth grades at Lausanne Collegiate School. This position allowed her to work on curriculum differentiation and to train teachers within these grade levels. Meridian attracted Laurie’s attention because of its emphasis on teaching the whole child. Laurie believes that developing children who are curious and can think and collaborate with others will result in academic achievement, but that there should also be a balance on personal character development. She also wanted to experience starting with a school from the first day the door opened, knowing that the challenge professionally would make her a stronger educator in the end. Laurie has completed Category 1 and advanced IB-PYP training.