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As of 9/16/19
  • When: 2019-2020 Girls' Basketball Tryouts are Sunday, September 29.
  • Where: Mays Building Gym
  • Prerequisites: All student athletes interested in trying out for Meridian Girls' Basketball must complete the online registration form by September 17th. Additionally, a valid physical form must be on file with the Athletics Department by Tuesday, September 17th.
  • Who: 7th-12th grade Meridian girls interested in playing for one of our three league teams, who have registered for Girls' Basketball, have a valid physical form on file, and are in good financial standing with the School.
  • What are coaches looking for? For tryouts, coaches will be evaluating student athletes' basketball skills, including dribbling, ball handling, passing, shooting (free throws, lay ups, etc.), and defensive skills. Additionally, the coaches will be gauging student athletes' speed, endurance, athleticism, basketball IQ, sportsmanship and coachability.

Please arrive at tryouts prepared with athletic clothing, athletic tennis shoes (that do not scuff the floor), and a water bottle.

Tryouts are closed to parents and spectators. 

Tryouts Schedule – Sunday, September 29

Sunday, 9/29 Girls' High School
1:45-2:00pm   Girls' High School Basketball Check-in (Middle School Lobby)
2:00-3:00pm Girls' High School Basketball Tryouts (Mays Gym)
3:00pm Girls are informed if they made Varsity, JV or are cut
3:00-3:30pm Mandatory Parent/Athlete Meeting with coaches and Athletics Department for all Girls' High School Basketball players and parents (Auxiliary Gym)
3:30-3:45pm Girls' High School Basketball Participation Fees due. (Cash or check only. Varsity = $360, JV = $310. Checks made out to Meridian School. Cash in exact amount. No change will be made. No credit cards will be accepted.) (Middle School Lobby)
Sunday, 9/29 Girls' Middle School
3:45pm-4:00pm Girls' Middle School Basketball Check-in (Middle School Lobby)
4:00-5:00pm Girls' Middle School Basketball Tryouts (Mays Gym)
5:00pm Girls' Middle School Basketball Tryout Results
5:00-5:30pm Mandatory Parent/Athlete meeting for Girls' Middle School Basketball team with the coaches and Athletics Department. (Auxiliary Gym)
5:30-5:45pm Girls' Middle School Basketball Participation Fees due  (Cash or check only. $260. Checks made out to Meridian School. Cash in exact amount. No change will be made. No credit cards will be accepted.) (Middle School Lobby)


How Tryouts Will Work

All of the Girls' Basketball coaches will participate in each of the Girls' Basketball Tryouts on Sunday, September 29.

Meridian has the resources to support up to three competitive Girls' Basketball teams. We anticipate forming a Varsity team, a JV team and one Middle School team. Each girl trying out will learn if she made a team and if so,  which one, by the end of tryouts. To secure her space on the team, her participation fees must be paid the day of team tryouts (Sunday, September 29). Please bring a check.

Important: If you registered to try out and you decide not to try out, please email as soon as possible. We are planning teams and everything that entails (coaches, practices, games, uniforms, etc.) around having Varsity, JV and one Middle School team. All of which is based on the numbers reported in the registration. Girls who tryout and do not make any team will be refunded the $35 registration fee if they request the refund within 30 days of tryouts. If a student athlete does not tryout, the registration fee is not refundable.

If a minimum number of qualified student athletes are not available to form a team, that team will not form. For all basketball teams, the minimum number to form each team is 10 student atheletes.