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Linda Jensen joined Meridian in July of 2013 as a kindergarten teacher . Linda grew up in Houston and (mostly) Austin. She graduated from Concordia University in Austin with a bachelor's degree in Business Management, but after a few years in the corporate world decided that teaching was her true passion and returned to finish her coursework in education.  She spent several years teaching prekindergarten and became certified in Early Childhood through sixth grade.   The IB philosophy is one that Linda can completely embrace, as this was her lifestyle and belief system before coming to Meridian. Her teaching goals are to teach students to fall in love with learning and to see thinking as a lifetime strategy, helping them to grow in their ability to become independent learners, problem solvers and deep thinkers. Linda wants to nurture her students into becoming strong, self-assured human beings who are an asset to the community.  She has completed Category 1 and advanced IB-PYP training.