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A little about me: I have a degree in Biology, specializing in wildlife. I worked as a biologist, an environmental educator and curriculum writer, but was drawn to positions where I taught people about ecology, native plants and animals. My love for our world and teaching gave me the inspiration to earn a Master's degree in Secondary Education. I have 2 children, both are in the secondary school at Meridian. My family and I love to travel, especially to the mountains. Travel also allows me to pursue photography and to enjoy nature's beauty. As a family, we are involved in the local and school community by volunteering. My husband and I run and organize Meridian Science Saturday, along with our fabulous committee members.

Teaching: I feel that when students are successful in their pursuits, it makes them more confident and better equipped to deal with everyday life. I am proud of my students and I want to know when they succeed, whether it is during the school day or during personal time. Please let me know when your child is successful in any pursuit, so that I can encourage them on their journey to discovering themselves.