Welcome to Spanish B

Mrs. Ruth Zane
Welcome to Spanish B!
Languages give us the opportunity to connect with our global community. I am so excited to work with our amazing Meridian students! I hope to capture their energy and creativity and build on their knowledge base. Take a look at what we're covering!


In Spanish B, language learners will acquire basic interpersonal communications skills to build conversations with others. Learning language patterns in Spanish also assists students in understanding the language components in any form of communication. Spanish will help students gain the language skills required to become effective communicators in our global community.


Language learners make connections to grade level lines of inquiry, across disciplines. The world is a large place to explore and the more students can connect, the more meaningful their learning becomes.  



Meridian’s theme: Where We Are in Place & Time – Donde estamos en lugar y tiempo

As students explore where they are in place and time, they will research geography, history, traditions and culture that affects us all. Students will use levels of inquiry to discover societal questions. In daily classroom activities, students will cover the following topics: alphabet, numbers, greetings, foods, classroom objects, colors, heritage, hobbies and interests, likes and dislikes, time, months, seasons, days of the week, family, weather, sports, and various grammar concepts/patterns.   



Spanish classes will use class time on Wednesdays to explore Spanish/Hispanic cultural traditions and scientific advances, discoveries and other contributions to our society.


In February, students will acquire new vocabulary to interview one another and create friendship profiles of their classmates. In these friendship profiles, students will include geographical information and use stations to introduce their friend, and make global connections.

In March, students will create vacation brochures, putting into practice their Spanish language verbs and nouns to promote their spring break vacations.

In April, students will review their seasons, weather patterns, hobbies and activities.They will put together weather reports for different regions of the world and prepare them for class presentation.

In May, students will prepare a language collage, representing all that they have acquired this year.



Students are encouraged to be creative in class and make ongoing connections in their learning journey. They will have the opportunity to grow their communication skills and cooperative learning strategies to work in a team setting. The instructor will provide verbal and written feedback regularly.

Please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss your student’s learning.

Practice your Spanish!