Athletics Uniforms

Athletic Uniform Loan Agreement


Each student athlete will be loaned the fundamental team uniform component(s). For some sports/teams, this uniform includes jerseys and shorts. For others, it includes jerseys only. The uniforms loaned at the start of the season will be clean and in good condition. They must be returned by the student athlete to the designated school official within two weeks of the end of the sport's/team's season clean and in good condition. For each uniform piece returned in less than good condition or returned dirty, and for each uniform piece not returned within two weeks of the conclusion of that team's season, the parent of the student athlete agrees to pay a uniform replacement fee of $45 per item. 


Warm-up shirts will be loaned to all student athletes participating on some Varsity team sports (Varsity Boys' Basketball, Varsity Girls' Basketball, Varsity Volleyball). No other teams or sports will be provided with warm-up shirts. If a team/sport other than the referenced Varsity teams makes their own warm-up shirt, these shirts should go through the Athletic Spirit Wear process or they will not be approved to wear at school and may incur a Dress Code Infraction if worn to school. Warm-up shirts are a Varsity Team Sport privilege. Like jerseys, loaned warm-up shirts must be returned in good condition and clean within two weeks of the end of the season in order to avoid being invoiced a $45 replacement fee.


Please note that if any uniform pieces require cleaning or replacement, the parent of the student athlete will be invoiced $45 per item. This fee must be paid in order to remain in good financial standing with the school and to be eligible to participate in further athletic opportunities.


For sports with jersey numbers, the student athlete agrees not to trade jersey numbers with another athlete without first clearing it with the coach.