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From the Athletics Coordinator

AndreaAs the Athletics Coordinator, I have given a lot of thought and spent even more time on revamping the sports programs since this summer. My team and I have picked apart each sport that Meridian offers and looked at it from as many angles as we could think of to ensure that safety would remain the number one priority in the state of COVID-19. During this time of adapting to a “New Normal,” mental and physical health are our highest priorities. With that in mind, Meridian is doing their best to provide an opportunity for students to engage in physical activity while re-establishing a social life with some peers. 

The 2020 - 2021 Athletics Plan has been edited countless times since the beginning of August, and my team and I have gone to tremendous lengths in efforts to hear the coaches and community, all while keeping track of trends in the spread of COVID-19. 

As a former athlete, I have a love for playing and watching sports. Not only did athletics give me something to look forward to as a student, the sports also taught me life lessons (especially in perseverance) that I rely on to this day. I understand the importance of being in a routine, staying physically conditioned for my sport(s), and being part of a team. Now more than ever, our students need opportunities for balance in their lives by connecting with each other beyond the screens and challenging themselves physically. 

Most students want something to look forward to outside of the classroom. Our goal is to offer these physical and social outlets while balancing their physical health and safety as well as the health and safety of our Meridian community. While this is not an easy task to achieve in a rapidly changing environment, sports have also taught me to work hard and fight for my team.

We are in this together!

Andrea Shuler

Athletics Coordinator