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Sports Photos 2020-2021

Lifetouch Sports
What? Photo day for Fall Sports. Student athletes will take a team photo as well as an individual athlete photo.
Which Sports?
  • Cross Country
  • Fall Dance Team
  • Fall Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Volleyball 
Why? Team photos are included in the yearbook. Families will be able to order team and individual athlete keepsake photos if they choose. 
When? Wednesday, March 24th, during school. 
Schedule by Time      
Sport - Team Coach/Contact Grade Levels Photo Time
Volleyball - High School Boys* Coach Mike Mack Coach Alexia Thex 8th-12th 8:35-8:55 am
Fall Dance Team Coach Rowe Coach Jones Coach Denton 7th-12th 8:50-9:10 am
Swimming - Middle School Coach Lindsey Grogan 7th-8th 9:05-9:25 am
Swimming - High School Coach Makaylee Frederick 9th-12th 9:40-10:00 am
Volleyball - Middle School Girls Fierce* Coach Ashley 7th-8th 9:55-10:15 am
Volleyball - Middle School Girls Brave* Coach Lauren Coach Joe 7th-8th 10:10-10:30 am
Volleyball - High School Girls* Coach Ashley Coach David 9th-12th 10:45-11:05 am
Cross Country - High School* Coach Burleson Coach Bassett 9th-12th 11:15-11:35 am
Cross Country - Middle School* Coach Burleson Coach Bassett 7th-8th 11:45-12:10 pm
Fall Tennis - High School* Coach Cal Coach Acosta 9th-12th 12:40-1:00 pm
Fall Tennis - Middle School (co-ed)* Coach Cal Coach Acosta 7th-8th 1:00-1:20 pm
*The Athletics Coordinator will temporarily loan the sport's jersey for the photo session. Pop-up changing rooms will be available outdoors near the Mays Café Patio.
Where? Team photos will be taken outdoors to maximize ventilation. The staging area will be outside on the Mays Café patio. The photo are will be along that same outside wall of the Mays Building, between the Band Hall door and the Mays Café patio.
How to Order?
Families can pre-order or wait and order from the proof sheet.
To Pre-Order:
    1. Go to this website.
    2. Enter this code: EVTMC7WQX
    3. Place your order.
    4. Print your receipt.
    5. Your student athlete must bring the printed receipt to photo day and hand it to the photographer when their individual athlete photo is being taken. 
Or, Parents/Guardians can order from a proof sheet after the fact. Proof sheets will be delivered to the school and then distributed to the students or made available for parents/guardians to pick-up. Orders from the proof sheet will be mailed to the family and will incur a shipping fee.
What to Wear? Please wear your regular school uniform to school. Bring your sport's uniform to change into just before your picture time. If you had a Meridian jersey loaned to you for your season, which has since been returned the the school, you will be able to borrow it for the duration of your photo session. Please wear your favorite, school-appropriate face mask the entire time. 
  • Tennis players are welcome to bring their racquet to include in the photo.
  • Swimmers are encouraged to bring a Meridian spirit wear shirt to change into. Additionally, swimmers can bring their goggles and a Meridian swim cap (or red, black, gray, or white swim cap), if they would like to wear those in the photo. (Goggles will be worn on top of head - not over eyes.)
Distance Learners?
  • Distance Learners are invited to come on campus for their sport photo, but this is not required of course.
  • Distance Learners should plan to report outside on the Mays Café patio approximately 10-15 minutes prior to their scheduled photo time.
  • Distance Learners who opt NOT to come on campus will be listed in the yearbook as “not pictured” under their team photo.
  • Distance Learners who need to be pictured in multiple photos are welcome to stay on campus for part or all of the school day, but we need you to please RSVP here. Please RSVP by Monday, March 22nd. These students will be set up to Zoom into their classes in a supervised location, socially distanced, in the library or in the cafeteria.
What adjustments are being made for COVID-19?
  • Photos will be taken outdoors to improve ventilation.
  • Masks must be worn at all times, including during the group photo. Students are invited to wear their favorite school-appropriate mask. Each student can remove their mask briefly for the individual athlete photo while maintaining 6' of physical distance. Masks must be worn again as soon as the individual athlete photo has been taken.
  • Students will line up at least 6' apart until the actual photo is taken. Students will be in close proximity for the team photo for less than 5 minutes, and masks will be worn during the team photo.
  • Students who do not pass the COVID-19 self-screening questions must not be on campus.
What if a student misses their team's picture time? Please email Meridian Athletics and she will make sure you are listed as "not pictured" under your team's photo in the yearbook.
For On Campus Learners -- will they be pulled from class? If not, how will they know what to do and when?
Student athletes who are learning on campus should be aware of their sport's photo session time. Mrs. Holcombe will announce which sports have photo sessions at the start of each period, and student athletes will need to watch the time and ask to be released 5-10 minutes before their sport's photo session. Student athletes will go to the Mays Café Patio, collect their loaned jersey, if applicable (Cross Country, Fall Tennis and Volleyball), and change into their uniform before their picture time. (Please remember to bring the non-loaned parts of your full uniform with you to school. Pop-up dressing rooms will be available outside where uniforms are being loaned temporarily for sports photos.
Volunteers Needed!

Parents/Guardians - We could use your help volunteering for a couple of hours on Sports Photo Day! There are two roles we need filled and two shifts for each role (8:30-11:00am and 11:00am-1:30pm). 

  1. Staging Area Help
    1. Help Coach Shuler with loaned uniform distribution and collection. 
    2. Help ensure everyone is keeping COVID-19 safe while in the staging area (masks are worn 100% of the time and 6’ of physical distancing is maintained at all times.)
  2. Photo Area Help
    1. Please take a photo of each team with your phone. Then, please email the photos to These photos do not need to be perfect. They only need to reflect the final order in which the team appeared. They will be used to help the coaches and yearbook team label the team picture for the yearbook while we are waiting on the official team photo from Lifetouch Sports.(Only one picture per team is needed.)
    2. Help ensure everyone is keeping COVID-19 safe while in the Photo Area (masks are worn 100% of the time, except when students are actively taking their individual athlete photo, and 6’ of physical distancing is maintained at all times.)

→ If you can help on Sports Photo Day, we’d greatly appreciate it! Please sign up here.

Questions? Email Mrs. Tester at