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Mrs. Joy Higgins grew up in Louisiana before moving to Virginia her junior year of high school. After graduating from Courtland High School (Spotsylvania, VA), she moved to Boston, Massachusetts and graduated in 1996 with a B.S in Biology with a concentration in Marine Biology/Oceanography. While working on obtaining her teachers certification and a Masters of Education, she worked as a lab assistant at Massachusetts General Hospital on the Human Genome Project. Her lab group, under the direction of Dr. Jonathan Haines and Dr. James Gusella, helped to pinpoint the chromosomal location for early onset Alzheimers. After Dr. Haines moved his research lab to Vanderbilt University, Mrs. Higgins worked as a research assistant at Beth-Israel Deaconess Hospital in the Center for Cardiac Disease. Here she worked with doctors and nurses in clinical trials on medicated stents developed by Johnson & Johnson. In 1998, she took her first teaching position and has been teaching science for the last 18 years. Since she is a life-long learner and a lover of all things science, she earned a M.S. in Geoscience from Mississippi State University in 2006. Mrs. Higgins has been involved in coastal wetland monitoring programs as a Senior Scientist/Project Leader through the Center of Student Coastal Research (Cohasset, MA), has volunteered with NOAA's National Marines Fisheries division (Woodshole, MA) as a Research Scientist on sea scallop surveys and Spring Trawl surveys, and has also volunteered as a Research Diver with Central Cayman Marine Institute and Project Aware. She loves bringing her passion for science into the classroom and engages students to enjoy the world around them. She has lead several student trips to Belize & Guatemala and Hawaii & New Zealand showing students the connections between what they have been learning in the classroom to ecosystem around the world. Mrs. Higgins is excited to join the Meridian team and looks forward to a challenging yet rewarding year teaching MYP Chemistry and DP Chemistry Year 1.