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About Meridian Athletic Alliance (MAA)

About Meridian Athletic Alliance

The Meridian Athletic Alliance is a parent-run volunteer organization that partners with school administrators, the athletic coordinator (or Director of Student Enrichment Services), and coaches to support student athletes and the athletic programs at Meridian. By sharing talents, time, and energy, the volunteers will bolster the spirit of Meridian athletes and their student fan support in the short run as well as assisting with building viable competitive programs for the long-run health of the middle and high schools.

The Meridian Athletic Alliance is our version of a Booster Club, but unlike a high school or college booster club, it does not operate independently from the school. Its endeavors should be fully aligned with the mission of the school and operate with approval by the administration. The intent is to form a community of support for the variety of athletic activities offered at Meridian. Fundraising may be a vital role of this group.

All parents whose students participate in athletics at Meridian are automatically members of the Meridian Athletic Alliance. There is no membership fee. However, the Meridian Athletic Alliance may raise funds from members or from outside resources to support the student athletes and the athletic program.

For more about the Meridian Athletic Alliance, including its framework, please go here.

MAA Communications

The Meridian Athletic Alliance section of the website is a work-in-progress. It is administered by the Meridian Athletics Department, but ultimately its structure and content can be suggested by the Meridian Athletic Alliance community. If you have recommendations, changes or additions you would like made to this section of the website or information to share about the Meridian Athletic Alliance in the Athletics Newsletter, please email Submissions must be made by noon on Friday for consideration in the next issue of the Athletics Newsletter,