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Lion's Roar (District)


Week of August 1, 2002


Federal Meal Program expired; no longer free for all students

Meridian World School will be operating under the National School Lunch program for the 2022-2023 school year. We did not qualify as a school to offer free meals to all students this year, as we have the past two years. 

This means that all students will be paying for lunch and breakfast this year. Families in need of free and reduced meals can learn more and apply for the National School Lunch Program. These applications can be found on the Meridian website on the Café page under the National School Lunch Program.

Learn More and Apply


Once an application is filled out please submit it to our school registrar by email at [email protected] or returned in person to either school front office. 


Please set up your MySchoolBucks account to purchase school meals.


Breakfast prices: Paid: $2.75, Reduced: $0.30, Free: $0.00

Lunch prices: Paid: $4.25, Reduced: $0.40, Free: $0.00


Important Information and Sites:

National School Lunch Program

Meridian How to Purchase Meals Information


Meridian Café Website

If you have any questions please email Kaylee Torres at [email protected]

Carline guide: Review important traffic tips, maps and changes

Important actions:

  • Review your carline maps

  • Stay in your vehicle when dropping or picking up your students. Staff and volunteers will help your students in and out of the vehicle. 

  • Student Drivers: We highly recommend that student drivers arrive after 8:15 a.m. on the first few days of school in order to avoid heavy traffic from the primary carline. 

    Carline Maps

  • Plan for the carline to take longer the first few days of school as students and drivers learn the process. Carline evens out to 20 – 25 minutes for primary/secondary lines by the second week of school.

  • Secondary (6th – 12th) families: do not arrive before 4 p.m. (1:30 p.m. Wednesday) the first week of school to allow time for primary to clear out.

  • Read campus-specific arrival and dismissal details in the campus newsletters.



  • Please do not park in numbered spaces between 7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. These are reserved for our faculty, staff, and students.

  • Do not leave vehicles unattended in the red painted fire lanes. This is illegal.

  • The spaces on the south side of the main lot may be parked in after 7:30 am, and the unmarked spaces on the north side of the main lot may be parked in at any time. 

  • During the day, you may park in unmarked spaces in the high school lot (I-35 side) if you have business in the high school office. This is not a student drop-off zone during carline.

  • Please do not walk across or cut through carline traffic; use the cross walks. 


IB Attributes for CarlineIB Learner Profile

Be Knowledgeable. Take the time to look over the carline maps and procedures before coming to school. If there is something you don’t understand and have a question, contact your Principal. 
Be Caring. Carline can be busy, slow, long and even stressful at the very beginning of school. Please be mindful, kind, and patient with our staff, students, and other drivers during this time.
Be Principled. Please be sure to follow the safety measures and rules that we put in place. Don’t talk on the phone or text when in carline and follow the traffic laws put out by the city.


Week of July 27, 2022

Campus Reorganization

Reminder: PYP, MYP, DP (IB Continuum)IB Logos

As you have likely seen, our campuses will be organized from an administrative perspective to align more with the International Baccalaureate programs: the Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP), and Diploma Programme (DP).

Students still fall into our traditional primary, middle, and high school campuses, but principals and assistant principals will align according to the following grade levels: PYP (K – 5), MYP (6 – 10), and DP (11 – 12).


Uniform Updates

After two years of relaxing expectations due to COVID, we are renewing focus on dress code this school year. The K – 12 uniform guide has been streamlined for ease of understanding, inclusivity, and enforcement of dress code. Please review it before purchasing uniforms for this year. At-a-glance updates to the guide are shared on page two and three. You may always contact your assistant principal with uniform questions.

See the updated guide on our website!

Have you already purchased uniforms?

Rest easy! While K – 5 streamlined options, if you've already purchased white polos, navy bottoms/dresses, or gray uniform bottoms, your child may wear those this year until they outgrow them. If you've already purchased navy pullovers, your child may wear those this year until they outgrow them. Just plan not to purchase those colors in the future.

Why do we have a uniform policy at Meridian? 

The dress code enhances the learning environment, minimizes distraction, and reduces peer pressure surrounding appearance. It fosters a sense of community and allows students to focus on academics.

Do you still need to buy uniforms?

The Uniform Exchange is July 30 from 10 a.m. – noon. This is your chance to grab uniform pieces, spirit wear, and jackets at $2 each! We have sizes for all K – 12 students, including adult items. You may also bring your gently used uniform items to donate at the exchange. 

COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols

Medical SymbolThe Texas Education Agency (TEA) has not yet made their recommendations for COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols for the 2022-2023 school year. Once they have made their recommendations, if applicable, we will update our protocols and communicate them with our students and families.

For now masks are optional and we will continue to follow the protocols that we had in place at the end of last year for isolating and reporting. Click here to review our current COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols.

School Lunch Updates and Student IDs

A federal program allowing Meridian to offer free meals to allLunch

 students has expired. With the start of the school year, students will begin paying for breakfasts and lunches, should they choose to purchase cafeteria meals. 

The August menus are up, with a full month of favorite recipes! We understand that growing bodies get hungry. Extra servings of fruits and vegetables are always available once they have finished their hot lunch. Students may also bring a packed lunch from home. 

Please note: Families may apply for the free and reduced price meal program, which goes back into effect now that the national waiver has expired. Please see how to apply here.

To purchase school meals you must register with My School Bucks. The Cafe Crew will be on hand at Back to School Nights to help with questions about setting up accounts. The Cafe’s webpage has lots of helpful information about meals, programs and meal accounts. 

Student ID Badges are back! Badges are used for borrowing books from the library and lunch purchases. Primary student badges are managed by teachers. Middle School and High School students will be responsible for managing and keeping track of their own badges. The last four digits of their student ID is their lunch pin for their breakfast and lunch purchases. 

Arrival and Dismissal Updates

Fast Lane

To streamline traffic and allow access to the I-35 Service Road, morning Fast Lane will join the Green lane. Green lane is more lightly used and gives families plenty of time to unload. There is no need to register for morning carline. Any vehicle with 3 or more students may use this lane.

Afternoon Fast Lane for primary (K – 5) students will continue on Meridian Lane. Primary families who are picking up 4 or more students may apply for Afternoon Fast Lane. If you are selected you will be notified by Transportation.

Carline Maps

Our carline maps have been updated for this year. Please be sure to pick up your car tags at back to school night. 

Installing PikMyKid

Meridian School uses PikMyKid, a smartphone app that allows parents and guardians to announce their arrival for pick up as well as designate other drivers to pick up their child. PikMyKid is used only for Primary Carline, Triple A, and After School 6 – 12 pick up.

Learn more about the app and download it through your app store. These videos are also great tools for learning how to navigate the app and the registration process, Parent App Training and Parent App Registration Training

School Safety Review

Safety Image

Student, staff, and visitor safety is of the utmost importance at Meridian School. The school has just finished up an extensive safety audit, mandated by the State of Texas every three years. Additionally, the school is wrapping up door safety audits and updating the Emergency Operations Plan, as per recent State requests to all schools. Annually, staff receive safety training including, but not limited to, the following: 



  • Our emergency response messaging system

  • Standardized safety measures outlined by the Standard Response Protocol and Standard Reunification Method (i.e. what to do in emergency situations, and how to return students to families safely if a forced evacuation is necessary)

  • General precautionary measures, including keeping interior and exterior doors locked and refraining from propping exterior doors open

In addition, campuses have AEDs (Automatic External Defibrillators), which are tools to help people experiencing a heart attack. There are also Stop the Bleed kits for large wounds, and tourniquets in every space.


New this year, entry doors will remain locked, and visitors will use the new intercom to connect to the front office for entry. While this poses a minor inconvenience for visitors, we hope you will appreciate the additional safety feature.

Skyward: New Student Information Portal

Meridian School has been transitioning our Student Information System from Ascender to Skyward over the summer. We are looking forward to the expanded capabilities of our new system, and we're working hard to make the transition as smooth as possible.

While our student information has been transferred, we are still working through the backend to get it ready to share with families. Thank you for your patience as we complete the last few steps. We'll share information on how to set up your new account in Skyward soon.