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Yearbooks & Yearbook Pictures

It is a real challenge to coordinate school pictures and build a yearbook during a pandemic, but we are making it happen!

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Call for Candid Photos


Yearbooks Now on Sale

Order Your 2020-2021 Yearbook!
It took us a while to get the online store set up, but we are now taking orders for the 2021 Yearbook! The price is $55. This price includes free name stamping on the cover if you order by April 30! There is also a “deluxe” package for sale for $58 that includes a clear, plastic cover to protect your yearbook. We will order only a very small number of extra yearbooks this year. Order HERE today to guarantee a copy of the yearbook for your student/family!

Yearbooks from 2019-2020
There are a few yearbooks left from last school year.  These are for sale for $50. Please email s.holcombe@mwschool.org if you would like to buy one.


Last Call for Yearbook Portraits


Final Yearbook Picture Day scheduled for Tuesday, April 27!
The final opportunity for students to have a professional portrait taken by Lifetouch for the yearbook is Tuesday, April 27. See how to order pictures HERE.


  • ON CAMPUS LEARNERS who still need a yearbook portrait taken, or who need a RETAKE from a previous picture day, please register here.
  • DISTANCE LEARNERS who want to sign up for a time slot to come on campus to have their yearbook portrait taken by Lifetouch please sign up here.


What adjustments are being made for Yearbook Portraits Being Taken In-Person During COVID-19?

      • Students who do not pass the COVID-19 self-screening questions must not be on campus.
      • Students will line up at least 6' apart until the actual photo is taken.
      • Masks must be worn until the moment the student is in front of the camera. Masks must be worn again immediately after the photo has been taken.


If you are not sure if your student has taken a yearbook portrait yet, please email Yearbook Project Administrator, s.holcombe@mwschool.org and she will assist you.


Yearbook Portrait Upload Option for Distance Learners
Parents/guardians of DISTANCE LEARNERS who would like to upload a photo of their student taken at home (instead of coming on campus) to be used in the yearbook should register HERE by May 1, 2021. This photo is basically a "head and torso" shot of your student that will be included in the portrait pages. You will then receive an email with instructions and an individualized link from the yearbook company to upload your child’s portrait. Thank you for your patience as we have figured out how to make this work!  We do want to have every student included in the yearbook--especially our Distance Learners!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If your child does not participate in the last yearbook picture day on April 27, AND if you do not register to upload a photo from home by May 1, your child will not be included in the yearbook this year. We hope you will participate in one of these options because we want everyone to be included!


Please note: You will not be able to email pictures to Mrs. Holcombe directly; the photos must be uploaded to the yearbook company using the individualized link provided after you register by May 1 above in order for your student's portrait to be "flowed" into the book via the yearbook design program. Placing them into the book one by one is just not possible. If you have questions or need assistance please email Mrs. Holcombe as soon as possible!


What to Wear In Yearbook Portraits
These are yearbook portraits, so students need to wear their regular school uniform that they would wear for Monday-Thursday (no spirit wear). Learn more HERE. No outerwear can be worn for yearbook portraits, including jackets and hoodies.

If your Distance Learner does not currently have a uniform polo that fits, they may borrow one at Picture Day. A pop-up changing room will be available outside the lobby.


Contribute CANDID Photos of Your Distance Learner

For Distance Learners in Grades K-11: Please share CANDID photos taken at home for possible use in the Yearbook! 
Parents/guardians of Distance Learners are invited to submit ONE picture of their student attending school from home! Send us ONE picture of your Distance Learner doing Zoom at their laptop in their home workspace, working on schoolwork at the kitchen table, or working out for P.E. in the yard, etc.  
Important: Kindergarten-5th grade pictured need to be LABELED with "student's first name/teacher last name/grade level" so it lands on the right spread in the yearbook. Label it like this:  "DiegoMissHessGrade3."  
We also need the following candid pictures:
  • Distance Learners at home on the First Day of School.
  • Distance Learners wearing College Shirts.
  • Distance Learners in the snow during the SnoVID winter storm! 
How to submit candids for consideration in the yearbook:


Email Mrs. Holcombe at s.holcombe@mwschool.org.