New Lunch Process & Current Menu

April Lunch Menu - $4.25

May Lunch Menu - $4.25

Milk is included with lunch. Extra milk is .60 and apple juice is .60.
Starting November 1, lunches will no longer be pre-ordered through
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Dear Parents,

Signing up is FREE and SIMPLE!

Go to to create an account today.
  • Select Texas
  • Select Meridian World School
  • Enter Account Information
  • Add student by entering FIRST & LAST NAME and BIRTHDATE or 4-digit Student ID CODE (sent separately).
  • Then follow the prompts to add funds to your account.
  • Add additional students as well!
Have a smartphone? Get the MySchoolBucks Mobile App for iOS (iPhone) or Android.

If you have any questions, contact MySchoolBucks directly:

  • Please help students learn their 4-digit ID CODE (sent in a separate email).
  • Secondary students will receive a Student ID on Monday and are encouraged to use the barcode to pay for lunches.

  • Lunches no longer need to be pre-ordered.
  • November's lunch menus can be found HERE.
  • Starting out, the purchase of "seconds" will not be available. After the Cafe Crew adjusts, this will be reevaluated for secondary students.

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