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Primary Wellness/PE - Class B with Ms. Fisher 
Welcome Back. I am excited to be teaching Wellness/Physical Education classes again this year.
As I embark on my second year in this role, I hope to instill in all my students a love and drive to make wellness and physical activity a lifetime choice. Having done so myself in the last 5 months, I see the many benefits. Through running I have an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and gain an emotional lift or can blow of some steam after a hard day. With dance classes, true happiness radiates from deep inside. The joy dance classes bring me is so very hard to describe. I am no pro at any of this, nor have I done any of this as a child. In the last few months,  I have simply chosen to make a life change by becoming more active and have found great rewards. I hope that my students can do the same.
Fitness is just not about being physically fit, it is also about ones' mental state.  It's never to early or to late to make regular exercise a part of a weekly routine. Exercise and physical activity are a great way to feel better, boost health and have fun. I ask that families assist me in helping their children to discover and reap the many benefits of fitness.
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Ms. Fisher
* Safety is a priority, so I ask that you refer to the calendar page on my website to verify what days your child has PE classes with me. On these days, I would greatly appreciate your help in making sure your child has appropriate shoes. Thank You.