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Activity Details and Descriptions

Spring 2017


Meridian School After School Enrichment Program Special Events

Staff, activities, schedules and events are subject to change. For questions and comments, send an email to or


Chess Tournament

Chess Clinic: February 22-27; Semi-Finals: Tuesday, February 28,  Finals: Wednesday March 1,

Championship: Thursday, March 2 at 4:30

Enrichment leaders will review the basic rules of chess during the clinic with the students in their primary group. Students interested in participating in the chess tournament should sign up with their primary enrichment leader by Friday, February 24. The tournaments will be February 28 - March 2. Students absent on February 28 will be disqualified from the tournament.


Bringing Stories to Life

Prep: January 17 - February 13; Rehearsals: February 14 

The Show: Wednesday, February 15

Students will literally bring a selected story of their group’s choice to life! Once a story is selected, or created from scratch, students will begin to make any changes or additions to the story line. They will create their own costumes and perform their play for an audience. During rehearsal times, students should be present as much as possible to best ensure they learn their lines and to have rehearsal time with their group as a whole. Parents can help by communicating with your student’s primary group leader to verify what role your student will have in the event and to confirm if costumes will be needed. 


Spelling Bee Competition

Written contest: Tuesday, March 7 at 4:00

Verbal championship: Thursday, March 9 at 4:30

All full-time/extended day program students will participate in a written spelling contest on Tuesday, March 8th. For the written competition, selected pronouncers will read 50 words to each primary group. The three students with the highest number of correctly spelled words from each group during the written contest will be eligible to compete in a verbal spelling championship on Thursday, March 10th. There will be 33 verbal spelling bee contestants and each group will have a champion so there will be 11 champions. At least 40% of the words will be chosen from the same list as the one used for the Meridian all-school spelling bee. Students should study the list for kindergarten up to their grade. Guests are welcome to attend the verbal championship on Thursday, March 10th at 4:30. Parents could best assist by allowing their student time to review the spelling words at home. During the week of the Spelling Bee, students will also be engaging in enrichment activities where they will get to explore all the different avenues “All About Words.”


Talent Show

Auditions: Friday, March 3 (k-3)  and Friday, March 6 (4-5)  at 4:30; Info Session Friday, March 10 (Participants) The Show: Thursday, March 23 at 4:30

Students may choose to perform a talent of their choice before an audience. It is mandatory for interested students to attend an audition and the two dress rehearsals. Students interested in participating in the talent show should sign up by Friday, February 24. Acts may last up to 2 minutes and must be performance-ready by Friday, March 20. Students are expected to practice their act at home. The rehearsals are for logistical purposes only.


Field Days 

Tuesday, December 13 at 4:00 and Friday, May 19 at 4:00

Field day will be an extended day of outdoor playtime with organized activities. Students should wear running shoes and bring a labeled water bottle. If your student is sensitive to the sunlight, they can bring a hat from home to be kept in their backpack until we reach outside. Hats can only be worn outside. 


Decades Dance Party 

Prep: April 24 - May 15; Rehearsals: May 16-17; Performance: Thursday, May 18 at 4:30

The leaders and their primary group of students will create and perform dance routines to hits of a specified decade -- Group K1-70s, Group K2-60s, Group 1A-80s, Group 1B-90s, Group 2A-50s, Group 2B-90s, Group 3A-80s, Group 3B-60s, Group 4-70s, Group 5 2000-2010, Group 6-2010-current. All students and guests are strongly encouraged to dress comfortably and be ready to dance. Parents could best assist by understanding their child’s role, allowing their child to attend rehearsals and providing props/costumes.


Enrichment Activity Switch Day Rotations

March 20 - April 21

During enrichment rotations, students will experience a different enrichment activity each day. The full-time/extended day groups leaders will plan and facilitate activities that spark their interests to a different grade each day of the week during the enrichment activity time M-T-Th-F at 4:35pm and 3:50pm on Wednesdays.