Welcome to Spanish A

Teacher:  Mrs. Lorrie Bustamante 

Welcome Back to School 2017- 2018


Meridian Primary Spanish continues to use the Q-Talk method for teaching Spanish to our students. For many, the vocabulary will be very familiar. “Seedling” level is for Kinder & 1st grade, “Sprout” level is used with 2nd & 3rd grades and “Sapling” level is for 4th & 5th grades. This style of learning mimics the way we acquire language as young children. (encoding, storage & retrieval) Q-Talk is a unique program that uses picture flashcards, which students learn to associate with specific Spanish words, to promote [primarily spoken] communication in Spanish. Please know that students are not simply taught stand-alone vocabulary! Whether or not students realize it, they are also learning grammar, sentence structure, parts of speech, subject-verb agreement and more! Students learn basic verbs (to eat, to go, to play), with related objects, places, etc. in the context of complete sentences. Much of the vocabulary is recycled year after year, which reinforces their learning while building upon their prior knowledge of the Spanish language. Ultimately, our goal is to build a student’s skills to the point where he or she can produce real spoken Spanish sentences without the use of visual cues (flashcards).


Your K – 1 student is learning to structure grammatically correct sentences in Spanish using picture flash cards. Most are able to identify each card in Spanish orally and quickly learn how to create “unique” sentences using the flashcard system. Sentence structure is a work in progress, particularly for our Kindergarten students. Often, they are able to identify “errors” in sentence structure.


Your 2nd grade student is learning a larger amount of new vocabulary (with a different program grade level) and hopefully carrying over last year’s program vocabulary. They are very interested in integrating previously learned vocabulary from last year into their current lexicon.


Your 3rd grade student’s vocabulary is being reinforced this year. Their learning will expand by delving further into the program (i.e. faster pace & larger number of lessons covered). Teachers are also tailoring the vocabulary to student interests and preparing to demonstrate more advanced grammar technique.


In addition, we also share numerous cultural aspects of the Spanish-speaking world with our students throughout the year. This year, we are fortunate to be able to host a bilingual storyteller!


To make the most of our learning opportunities, we promote an academic environment that allows students to focus to the best of their ability. Students are encouraged to observe, hear and use as much Spanish as possible in order to achieve their maximum potential in Spanish class.


Thank you in advance for your support! It’s going to be a GREAT year!