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Registration Required


Step 1: Read this entire page for all you need to know about the waiters program.

Step 2: Fill in the primary student name/grade AND the oldest secondary student name/grade. 

Step 3: Click the BUY NOW button and pay the $20 commitment fee.

Step 4: Email m.swain@mwschool.org to confirm your student was added to the roster.

Step 5: Enjoy going through the car line only one time after school.


The waiters program registration fee for the 2017-2018 school year is PER STUDENT. Be sure to submit payment for EACH PRIMARY STUDENT who needs to participate in the waiters program.


Use the PayPal "Buy Now" button below to pay the $20 commitment fee PER PRIMARY STUDENT. The link will not allow multiple commitment fees. All commitment fees are required through PayPal. Please do not send/bring checks or cash to the school. The emailed receipt from PayPal is confirmation that your student is enrolled.


IMPORTANT STEP AFTER PAYMENT: After receiving the emailed receipt from PayPal, send an email to your primary student's teacher as well as m.swain@mwschool.org to ensure your primary student is added to the waiters roster.


We will use the email address provided in PayPal to contact you regarding the waiters program.

  • Primary Student's First and Last Name
  • Primary Student's 2017-2018 Grade  
  • Oldest SECONDARY Student Name and 2017-2018 Grade (We will use this information to determine where your secondary student will pick up your primary student(s).)
Primary Student Name and GRADE
NAME Oldest Sec Student, GRADE

Important Information: 

  • The time spent in waiters is Quiet Time (homework, reading, snack from home)
  • Secondary siblings are required to pick up primary siblings from waiters immediately at secondary dismissal.
  • Parents are not permitted to walk up and pick up primary students as staff will not have documents for identifying authorized adult pickups.
  • Other arrangements for primary student pick up must be planned for days the secondary sibling is not able to pick up immediately at secondary school dismissal.
  • All waiters must be out of the waiting area by 4:10/1:40.


If your secondary student is not able to pick up your primary student on a particular day, then you must submit a transportation change at transportation@mwschool.org by 1:30 (M-T-Th-F) and by 11:00 on Wednesdays. The transportation email should indicate that your primary student is typically in the waiters group but instead will need to be sent out to the car line for regular primary dismissal. 


In other words, please be sure to plan ahead and submit a transportation change for days that:

  • you have a parent conference 
  • your secondary student is absent from school
  • your secondary student has an after school activity that doesn’t allow time for waiters pick up


For more information regarding the waiters program:

Monique Swain

Director of Student Enrichment Services