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Primary Wellness / Physical Education - Class A with Mrs. Griffin 
Welcome Back!!
I have had so much fun starting the year with our students! We have been working on learning procedures for our meeting times so that things will run smoothly the rest of the year. Even though we have been learning procedures, we have still been learning and playing games so that we get that valuable movement in!
This year in PE A, we are starting off the year looking at what behaviors show good sportsmanship. We have been talking about sportsmanship and in Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grades we have been reading books about it as well. Then as we play the game for that day we make sure we are exhibiting those behaviors and supporting each other, instead of worrying about who is winning or losing. 
Currently on Wednesdays, I am integrating PE with Kindergarten and 2nd grade and their current planners. In Kindergarten, they are looking at how Awareness of self drives choices. To connect with what they are learning in class, we are looking at healthy food choices and how those help fuel our bodies and minds for success. In 2nd grade, they are studying how Structures in our world influence the ways communities function. In PE, we are analyzing the structure of a game and how each component is necessary for a successful game. 
I look forward to our year together and all of the fun and learning that we will enjoy in PE A!