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Welcome to the Fall Semester in the Primary Art Room!
This month, we are learning about the character of "the line" and how it relates to all types of visual art. We have discovered that it can create a mood or feeling in our artwork. A "graceful" line that lightly traverses over our paper much like whirling wind feels much differently than a spiky "angry" line that we might use to create lightning in a tumbled, cloudy sky.
The intermediate artists are learning the properties of watercolor and blending techniques. We studied the color wheel and transposed the circle into a linear fashion making a color spectrum similar to a number line.  We constructed blended color lines seeping into the next color in the rainbow. Reminders of Primary and Secondary Color mixing techniques were reviewed while introducing more color harmonies with special attention this month to the tertiary colors of the color wheel.
Wednesday's mini courses are enjoying the fun of printmaking! Details and photos coming up!
 Artfully Yours, 

 Brenda Costin

 Primary Art - Meridian IB World School