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2020-2021 Triple A Homework Contract

Homework/Quiet Time will be organized as the last activity of the day for 15-20 minutes on M, T, Th, F and 30 minutes on Wednesdays. Please complete the form below confirming if you would like Triple A staff to encourage your student to start their homework during Homework/Quiet Time. Note that most Primary teachers are not assigning homework at this time. If you would to request a meeting regarding this form and the information included, please email triplea@mwschool.org.

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For the last activity of the day, I would like for my student to...*
Students will be unable to use electronic devices for homework during Triple A. All materials other than plain paper must be brought from home.
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Once homework is completed or if homework is to be completed at home, I would like my student, for the remainder of or during homework/quiet time, to...*
Please check as many as you would like. All materials other than plain paper must be brought from home.
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  • Parents are responsible for communicating homework expectations with their students. 
  • Under this contract, students agree to do homework as indicated by parents. Non compliance will result in time to reflect.
  • Parents agree to ensure their students have everything necessary to do homework everyday with clear expectations outlined for each day of what is to be completed.
  • After School staff agrees to provide 15-20 minutes of quiet time on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and up to 30 minutes on Wednesday with the exception of special event days.
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