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Federal Meal Program expired; no longer free for all students

The federal program offering free meals to all students has ended. Families in need of free and reduced meals can learn more and apply for the National School Lunch Program.

Meridian World School will be operating under the National School Lunch program for the 2022-2023 school year. We did not qualify as a school to offer free meals to all students this year, as we have the past two years.
This means that all students will be paying for lunch and breakfast this year unless a Free and Reduced application is on file. These applications can be found on the Meridian website on the Cafe page under the National School Lunch Program.
Once an application is filled out please submit it to our school registrar by email at [email protected] or returned in person to either school front office.
If you have any questions please email Kaylee Torres at [email protected]
Please set up your MySchoolBucks account to purchase school meals.
Breakfast prices: Paid: $2.75, Reduced: $0.30, Free: $0.00
Lunch prices: Paid: $4.25, Reduced: $0.40, Free: $0.00
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At Meridian School, we believe that a healthy diet positively impacts academic achievement.

Since good nutrition is an essential part of learning and leading a balanced life, Meridian School will actively work to ensure meals served in the school cafeteria meet or exceed health guidelines for all students. The cafeteria will not serve or provide access for students to Foods of Minimal Nutritional Value as defined by the US Department of Agriculture and the Texas Department of Agriculture.

Meridian World School operates under the School Breakfast Program and the National School Lunch Program. 
Meridian World School is an Equal Opportunity Provider