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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors are selected in accordance with the founding documents of Meridian School. The Board consists of seven members who each serve a three year term with the opportunity for renewal. Potential members must complete an application and are reviewed by the board nominating committee prior to consideration by the full board. Additionally, ViP (Meridian's parent organization) must accept or reject two of the member seats, currently held by parent Tejal Bhalani and community member Ann Wink. Only one parent may serve on the Meridian Board at any given time. Terms begin in June and end in May. The Board has approved growth to seven members to include key positions, i.e. finance and human resources, to expand existing expertise. 
Board meetings are generally held in August, November, January, March, and June, but may be altered to suit members' schedules. A public forum precedes the business meeting allowing individuals to sign-in and to speak for three minutes each. Please see the Communication Policy for more information. Board workshops are different than meetings in that discussion occurs on specific topics, but no votes are cast. Agendas are posted on the Meridian website under ‘News’ no later than 72 hours prior to the scheduled meeting. Supporting materials are posted, as they are available.
The Meridian School board is charged with upholding the Charter (contract) that we have with the State of Texas. The responsibility is described succinctly in the formation documents: ‘The Governing Board shall manage the Company’s business and affairs’. It goes on to describe the role of the Head of School as ‘…. the principal Administrative officer of the company. The HoS shall supervise and have general charge of all operating functions and activities of the company and shall supervise and be charged with carrying out the policies, programs, orders, and resolutions of the Governing Board’.
To assure the quickest resolution to concerns or questions you may have as a Meridian stakeholder, please direct these to the teacher if they regard the classroom. If your concern is not resolved, please communicate with the principal. Should you continue to be dissatisfied, please review with the Founder & CEO. Should the matter still not be resolved, you may wish to bring it to the Board for consideration. If that is the case, you should notify the Founder & CEO in writing, requesting an item on the agenda. Should the matter be outside the classroom, you would follow a similar protocol, beginning with the program coordinator or manager and again ending at the Founder & CEO. If resolution is not achieved, a request should be made for Board review.
Board of Directors email address: [email protected]
Five Board Meetings are scheduled each school year. The first is at the end of September, followed by one in early November, late January, March, and mid-May. Please check the School Calendar for the exact dates. This calendar is updated at the beginning of each school year. Any called meeting or change to a scheduled meeting will be posted on the calendar and a News Item announcing the change or new meeting will be made.
For Freedom of Information Requests or Public Information Requests, please email Sarah Gardner with our Office of Community Engagement. Please put FOIR - Freedom of Information Request in the email title. Written requests should be for information already in existence.