What Is Triple A?

What Is Triple A? 


The Athletics, Arts/A la carte, and After School Enrichment Program, referred to as Triple A, is intended to be an enjoyable extension of your child’s day at Meridian.  It is important to understand that though this is an optional after-school program, it is designed to complement your child’s overall school experience. Our program is different than other onsite after-school programs because we manage it internally in order to offer an exceptional, well-rounded experience that supports and promotes Meridian’s mission.   






Triple A Principles


Arts/A la carte: Our Triple A Arts/A la carte program encourages discipline and creative expression.  Our goals are to encourage life-long learning, develop and promote self-expression, challenge students to develop their own ideas and ultimately communicate them through the arts.


Athletics: The Triple A Athletic program makes physical and team participation a meaningful part of our students’ education. Our goals are to produce mentally diverse and socially adjusted individuals, provide opportunities for individual development through a variety of programs balanced between light and vigorous exercise, foster team and individual competition, and build lifelong skills.


At Meridian School, we believe that students should balance the different aspects of their lives - intellectual, physical, and emotional - to achieve well-being and well-roundedness. Participation in competitive athletics and sports can contribute to this balance. The athletic experience will be provided within a nurturing environment that motivates the student-athlete to view athletics and sports as life-long endeavors. Coaches will work with student-athletes to aid their understanding of their strengths and weaknesses to enhance their personal development and improve their contribution to the success of the team. Win or Lose, Meridian School will encourage student-athletes to provide a winning effort, exhibit sportsmanship, enthusiasm, and demonstrate respect for all.


After School Enrichment: The Triple A After School Enrichment rotating schedule maximizes our students’ academic, social, emotional and physical achievement. The schedule is customized based on the staff’s interests and the students’ needs. Our goals are to provide opportunities to complete homework, improve students’ awareness of healthy habits, provide learning activities that boost core academic skills, and to have fun in a safe, structured environment. 





Triple A Program Options 



  • Full-time/Extended Day Program (K-5th): This program starts at school dismissal and ends at 6:00 pm, Monday - Friday (including early release on Wednesdays).  Children are automatically enrolled in several innovative courses throughout the week as part of base tuition.
  • Early Release Wednesday Program (K-5th): Students who need after school care on early release Wednesdays can have fun engaging in several age-appropriate enrichment activities. The Wednesday Only Program begins at school dismissal, and ends at 4:00 pm.
  • Transition to Activity Care (K-5th): Students who will need supervision on the day of their a la carte program. The fee is $25 each hour for the time between school release and the start of the class. If care is needed after the class, there is an additional $25 fee each hour.


Click here for more information after our After School Enrichment Options.



  • A la carte Programs: Meridian students have a wide selection of à la carte offerings available to them after school.  These options include offerings in the Arts, Athletics and After School Enrichment. All students are eligible to participate in any of the courses listed as long as they fit into the grade requirements. You do NOT need to be enrolled in the Full-time Program to participate in an a la carte offering. Additionally, students who are enrolled in the Full-time/Extended Day Program can choose to supplement their curriculum with a la carte courses. See a list of available courses.



Please note: You must complete a separate registration process to enroll in Triple A. The Meridian School enrollment forms do not enroll you in the Triple A Enrichment Program.



Basic Standards of Care:

  • Students in the full-time/extended day and early release Wednesday programs are grouped according to their grade and developmental level.
  • Parents/pick ups are required to check in with the after school receptionist as they enter the building and before being allowed in the hallways. If a staff member is unsure of the person claiming to be authorized to pick up, it is the staff member's responsibility to review the formal documentation submitted by the parent and compare the person's identification card with authorized pick ups on the student's registration forms.
  • Full-time Enrichment Leaders receive on-going training during staff development days and weekly meetings.



For more information, contact the Triple A Registrar, Jackie Soto at triplea@mwschool.org