Yearbook Contact-Free Pick-up: Aug. 5

Yearbook Pick-Up Date: Wednesday, August 5, 2020 

Please pick up your yearbook according to the following schedule:

Last Name A-E:  noon-1 pm
Last Name F-J:   1 pm-2 pm
Last Name K-O:  2 pm-3 pm
Last Name P-T:   3 pm-4 pm
Last Name U-Z:  4 pm-5 pm
If your designated time does not work for you, please pick up between 5 pm-6 pm

BEFORE Arrival at Meridian (do this at home):
  • Print your last name in BIG letters and the number of yearbooks ordered. Place it on the front dashboard of your vehicle.  This will facilitate a contact free delivery.

Drive-Thru Instructions:
  • Stay in your car at all times, please!
  • Pick up directly in front of Mays Building lobby entrance following regular car line direction; stop in front of one of the cones where a volunteer will assist you.
  • The person who ordered the yearbook must be the person that picks it up. Please bring your ID and be prepared to show it through the window.
  • We will show the book(s) to you to confirm it is the correct order, and then we will place the order in the back seat or in the trunk.

Additional notes:
  • If you are unable to pick up you can complete a form to authorize another parent to pick up your order. Please fill out this Google Form by Sunday, August 2, 2020.
  • If you cannot pick up your yearbook on this date, additional pick up instructions will be sent out once school resumes.
  • We will have a limited number of extra yearbooks; these will be sold on a future date. This will be communicated in a future message.

If you have any questions about yearbook pick up, please contact Nick Manuszak at

Thank you!
Stela Holcombe
High School Assistant Principal for 11th-12th Grades
& IB Diploma Programme Coordinator 
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